UFC 165's TV lineup finalized, Healy vs. Nurmagomedov kicks off PPV main card

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9/3/13 11:52:57AM
The lineup is set for this month's UFC 165 event, which includes bouts on pay-per-view, FOX Sports 1 and Facebook.

9/3/13 11:55:13AM
I'm a fan of this fight. Should be really good. I'm also thinking The Eagle can pull it off.
9/3/13 12:26:31PM
I'll never doubt Healy after he made Miller quit.
9/3/13 12:40:24PM
This fight should be cool. I'm kind of underwhelmed by the rest of the card though.

I'm not a fan of Gus gettin a title shot after he pulled out against Gegard.

Prelims are weak too.
9/3/13 1:44:58PM
This card isn't bad. 2 title fights plus quite a few solid prospects and notables. Healy/Nurmagomedov should steal the show though.
9/3/13 2:18:36PM
I'm a big fan of Healy's but I'm going to have to go with Khabib on this one.
9/3/13 3:56:40PM
Feeling a bit spoiled after all the good free cards lately, especially since the ppv isn't all that stacked...
9/3/13 3:57:10PM
I like this card, although i agree with the comment about Gus.

Khabib vs. Healy is the main draw for me, ...yowza.
9/3/13 7:03:03PM
If I had a say in the fight lineup I'd move Makdessi vs Fortee and Caceres vs Delorme up to the Fox Sports Prelimsand move Thompson vs Clements and Gagnon vs Kimura down to Facebook. No biggie though.

Also surprised to see Nandor in the UFC, I don't see him lasting very long.
9/3/13 7:40:59PM
This card is very good. Not sure what you guys are seeing.