UFC 162: Is Chris Weidman talking too much?

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5/14/13 4:10:16PM
UFC middleweight title challenger Chris Weidman seems to be doing a new interview every day for his UFC 162 bout with Anderson Silva. But when does a lot of promotion turn into too much?

5/14/13 6:30:11PM
Seems to me he is losing his confidence and trying to talk his way back to thinking he can beat Silva.

Sure Silva is human. But lets make one thing vary clear here. He has acctually done all that shit on the highlight reels.

All that happened............

we've all witnessed it.......

5/14/13 8:26:55PM
Chael has proven that if you're looking for big opportunity and lots of money then there's no such thing as too much talk.
5/14/13 9:53:14PM
But he isn't talking like chael.
5/15/13 8:14:04AM
Yes he is talking too much. Silva will ruin him quick !!!
5/15/13 10:05:56AM
I'm certainly done doubting Andy. I'm thinking this looks like Chael2/Hendo kinda fight. Weidman comes out looking good, then Andy finishes.
5/16/13 6:32:58AM
He hasn't fought in a year and is coming off a injury
I think Silva will put him away.
I'm tired of weidman talk. Been talking all year
5/20/13 1:36:11PM
I was thinking the same thing about Rockhold, his talk wasn't as often, but it sounds the same. "I'm gonna expose this guy" stuff.

Both guys have 10ish pro fights, and they talk about exposing AS and TRT-rex.