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1/17/13 3:14:14PM
Im gonna be ringing into the UFC 156 Press conference next week, on the call will be:

Dana White
Frankie Edgar
Jose Aldo
Rashad Evans
Lil Nog
Alistair Overeem
Big Foot Silva

I want to get some questions prepared so if I get chance to speak to them I will have something good to ask them (got to be 156 related). If any one as any suggestions type them on this thread and if I get chance Ill ask them.
1/17/13 5:37:44PM
Ask reem if he is guarenteed a title shot with win over big foot

Ask aldo is a move to lightweight or testing the waters is
In the future for 2013
1/18/13 9:45:48AM
Ask rashad what it would take for him to drop to 185, besides of course a title shot at Andy, is there any other 185ers hed drop to fight
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