UFC 155's Jamie Varner anticipates April return, four opponents on radar

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1/5/13 5:11:38PM
Jamie Varner said Rafael Dos Anjos, Ross Pearson, Matt Wiman and T.J. Grant are among the fighters he's looking at for his next octagon appearance.

The former WEC champ anticipates an injured thumb will keep him from meeting one of them until April, but his only preference is that he moves closer to title contention.

"I think Dos Anjos is on a streak, so he may be on my radar more so than anyone else," Varner told MMAjunkie.com Radio (www.mmajunkie.com/radio). "But Grant, I've been hearing his name pop up a lot, as well."

1/5/13 5:34:43PM
I think Pearson would be good
1/5/13 5:55:17PM
Wiman is a good match
1/5/13 5:56:15PM
Fighting 4 guys at once is going to be tough.

1/5/13 6:56:48PM
All 4 of these guys make for great fights. I Personally would like to see Varner vs Jimmy MIller I think it makes for an outstanding fight.
1/5/13 7:51:44PM

Posted by Twenty20Dollars

Fighting 4 guys at once is going to be tough.

But if he upgraded to sat-trak he would have like 8 guys on screen

edit: on topic, RDA is the best fight. RDA needs a chance to completely solidify his bid for top 10, and a win over Varner could certianly put him at 9-10. Currently I am aboard the RDA new hype train and thing he is going to be a serious thread the LW
1/5/13 9:32:07PM
I think Grant and Wiman would be the toughest fights for him out of the list of potential opponents. Any combination of Varner and one of the four would make for a great fight though.
1/5/13 10:00:33PM
I'd like to see him fight RDA out of that list. That'd be an excellent fight. I'm also on the RDA hype train and have been for a while now. The kid has a lot of talent and now a lot of experience as well. Coming off a dominating win over Mark Bocek, this might be the perfect time for him to fight Varner.
1/5/13 11:28:07PM
Stylistically some are better that others for Varner. A guy with a great level of endurance and grappling is a bad match up for him. I like the guys he called out as they tend to a bit less one dimensional. Wiman, and Pearson would be my personal favorite match ups.
1/6/13 4:06:30PM
RDA would be a mess for Varner, and i get the feeling he might dodge RDA and go for Wiman or Pearson..
1/7/13 10:52:15AM
Everyone on that list could be a great match. I think RDA would be the toughest. Not only has he been winning fights that were suppose to be close but he's been doing it in great fashion.

In his last fight he pretty much dominated Bocek as a slight underdog.