UFC 153: Glover Teixeira talks accepting the Rampage Jackson fight and the Shogun controversy

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7/16/12 6:58:20PM
Glover Teixeira is one of the prospects the UFC had its eye on for an incredibly long time, but hurdle after hurdle got in the way of his signing with the world's largest promotion.

Teixeira spoke with Sherdog.com about his upcoming fight and had a few very interesting things to say:

On accepting the fight against Jackson:

"I knew more or less what would happen. They had offered me this fight and I accepted right away, as I accepted Shogun."

On what he expects from "Rampage:"

"I'm going out with him in the standup. I have to be smart and not stand still, move, fight the right fight. But, I'll work on the strategy with my coaches."

On reports that former champion Mauricio Rua turned down a fight against him, saying he'd rather be cut from the UFC than fight Teixeira:

"I don't think it's something from Shogun. He's not guilty. It should be something from the manager. Shogun has fought the best and wouldn't have any reason to deny a fight against me. Leave that alone."

7/16/12 8:16:53PM
Nice one Glover. Spoken like a true MMA fighter. None of this "he's ducking me!" talk.

To me, Teixeira is what Rampage should have been. A legendary striker who learned to love the ground game
7/16/12 9:09:00PM
Seems to be a classy guy.
7/16/12 10:06:39PM
Glover is da man!
7/16/12 10:07:52PM
Nice respectful response by Teixeira. If Rampage cares at all about his career anymore I think he could beat Teixeira, but I think he lost the will to fight some time ago. Teixeira UD.
7/16/12 10:16:35PM
Glover by UD
7/16/12 11:14:28PM
I think it's safe to say Glover is earning fans and earning them quickly. I wish his visa issues didn't delay him so long. I like how the UFC knows how good he is though. They're not going to waste any time in trying to make him a star.
7/17/12 1:38:27AM
7/17/12 10:01:51AM
this is going to be great, someone is going to be finished for sure.