UFC 151 (RIP), and the fighters

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8/25/12 2:49:45AM
I saw a topic on a different site basically saying that Dana is a dick for donating money to help others (Dan Miller comes to mind) and giving away tickets to fans but not footing the bill for UFC 151 fighters that are losing pay.

I would not be surprised if the UFC (publicly or otherwise) gives some degree of monetary compensation to the fighters. I'm not saying anything one way or another about Dana; I just think it is a good business decision they will make. Also without going into boring details I am sure they could find a way to make it benefit the company come tax time.

Either way I think the UFC in general of course has their interest first, but the fighters and fans are close behind. Of couse the company in general has flaws, but I think this will be another instance where the UFC and the Fertittas show they do value their fighters.
8/25/12 3:51:30AM
As much as I feel for the fighters, the UFC has no obligation to pay them for a fight that did not happen. The fighter's are not losing money, as much as having to wait longer between pay checks. That doesn't make it any easier on them but it is what it is. These guy have a tough job but they choose to do it and when you do you have to anticipate things like this happening from time to time, it just comes with the territory.

With that said, the UFC has shown time and time again that they take care of their fighters and it wouldn't surprise me to hear that they do help out these lower tier guys that live paycheck to paycheck.
8/25/12 11:42:55AM
i think they can compensate the fighters that lost fights all together, but if the fights got moved, then that is the compensation.
8/25/12 12:55:25PM
Since this is an extraordinary circumstance, why don't they just pay them now in advance, instead of when they fight 2-3 months later. All these guys are on some kind of contract anyway, so eventually they will be fighting again and they can just be docked the money they get upfront now.
8/26/12 1:42:34AM
Ufc showed everyone how selfish they really are
Turned away fans and probably turned off fans who were starting to get into it.

I was gonna burn my 151 ticket. But instead I put it by itself on my ticket page for two reasons

One that the Ufc fucked me good and I owe them one

And two in a few years who knows that ticket to a event that never took place may add some value to it