UFC 150 Draws Max Holloway vs. Justin Lawrence

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6/18/12 4:06:14PM
Two weeks removed from his latest victory and Max Holloway already has his next fight mapped out for UFC 150 in Denver.

UFC officials on Monday announced that Holloway would square off with Justin Lawrence on Aug. 11 at the Pepsi Center.

6/18/12 4:23:09PM
Solid prelim for sure. Two fantastic and diverse strikers going at it? FOTN written all over it!
6/18/12 4:25:23PM
Tough fight at featherweight for Justin.
6/18/12 4:27:29PM
This is ufc match making at its finest. Neither guy is a big name but putting these two together instantly creates one hell of a fight. Out of the matches announced for this card so far, this is easily the one I'm looking forward to most.
6/18/12 4:38:24PM
Max improved his grappling it seemed in his last fight, I'm pulling for him.
6/18/12 4:52:22PM
Both have awesome striking skills but I see Lawrence having the edge in power.

I'm thinking Lawrence takes this one by ko/tko
6/18/12 5:05:24PM
Holloway is one of my favorite up and comers, but Lawrence can and will take him down all day. Lawrence by GnP.
6/18/12 6:19:55PM
I'll be rooting for Holloway, not a fan of Lawrence's attitude on the show. I'll probably pick Lawrence though
6/18/12 6:38:42PM
It should be drawing matt hughes vs ricardo morais!
6/18/12 6:41:51PM
Very cool matchup! Holloway looked like a stud in his last fight and Lawrence's drop to 145 and his time with Black House should make for quite an interesting fight.
6/18/12 6:52:10PM
I don't really like Lawrence and i'm a big fan of Holloway so I know who i'm rooting for just not who i'm going to pick yet.
6/18/12 6:55:41PM
Holloway has zero killer instinct, which screwed me out of many point with it being the HB. If he cant finish Schilling who had offered negative offense in the final 8 minutes, Lawrence will win
6/18/12 7:10:59PM
Id say Holloway is the better striker, but Id take Lawerence as the better all around fighter. Lawerence by sub or TKO.
6/18/12 7:56:57PM
I think Max played it safe last fight with Schilling. He wanted to make sure he didn't get caught in a submission in a fight that he had already won.

I was one the few that actually followed TUF very close this year and Justin Lawrence is a good striker but has a non-existing ground game. With that being said I'm gonna take Holloway and he's got the advantage in the cardio too. Holloway by unanimous decision.
6/18/12 8:17:53PM
Great match-up!
6/18/12 8:40:12PM

Posted by meier

It should be drawing matt hughes vs ricardo morais!

What a fantastic illustration.
6/18/12 11:17:54PM
Nice fight.
6/19/12 2:54:51AM
holloway got a good reach advantage, but lawrence has way more power. should be a good fight till holloway goes to sleep...