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8/12/12 12:54:09AM
Edgar clearly won 2, 4, 5 with the knockdowns and control, 1 and 3 were close.

Side note: Some MMA media had the fight 49-46 Edgar like the first judge.
8/12/12 12:55:35AM
Just got out of the Pepsi center. I thought Edgar won 3-4 rds. Then I seen the stats and realized the fight was closer than it looked. Was an awesome event to be at live.
8/12/12 1:18:12AM
7-3 is a decent way to start the season i guess. like usual, i didnt accumulate many points. any idea when we can expect the site to update?


site updated
8/12/12 2:44:39AM

Posted by tuvok500

Frankie gonna get 1 fight against a top 5, will beat him and comeback fighting for the belt.

I absolutely want Diaz to beat Bendo, he can submit him for sure, just not by guillotine, a triangle would work fine for me.

Frankie, the new Urijah? Sounds about right

I'm pissed, I passed out during the Okami fight and didn't get to see the rest. I just shouldn't start drinking until the main card
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