UFC 148: Melvin Guillard Wants A 16 Man Lightweight Tournament

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6/20/12 3:11:41AM
UFC 148 may be the biggest card of the summer, and knock on wood, it hasn't been completely turned upside down due to injuries, despite the fact that injury riddled cards are quickly becoming the standard. On a card filled with compelling match-ups, one of the standouts is Melvin Guillard vs. Fabricio Camoes. Guillard has had a rough patch in his last two bouts, but considers them effective learning tools in his continuing evolution as a fighter. In a recent TapouT Radio interview, Melvin discusses his transition from being a young knucklead (his own words) to a mature, yet still ambitious competitor.

6/20/12 3:29:24AM
The UFC's inaugural flyweight tournament will rightly end the tournament format in the promotion. The first round did not go as planned, taking four months too long to finish.

The Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix was announced in January 2011. The first round started in February 2011. It ended in May 2012. The eventual winner was not even an original participant.

While I love tournaments, a one that size would be rife with problems.
6/20/12 3:33:12AM
Gone are the days of the Pride like tournaments. Too many injuries have happened in the last 2 years to allow for one this size to go on without a hitch or two. 4 man tournaments are about the limit
6/20/12 6:55:06AM
Again with this talk? I could've sworn Melvin was campaigning for a LW tourney when he, Diaz, Cerrone, Miller, Siver etc all had win streaks. Now he's dropped in the rankings and he wants a 16 man tourney? Things have kind of started to work themselves out at 155, so it's really unnecessary at this point, imo.
6/20/12 7:06:28AM
Tournaments are great in theory but they have a limited appeal in modern MMA in my opinion. It is just too difficult to keep a large tournament within a time frame that keeps it both legitimate and interesting when you have some commissions that issue precautionary medical suspensions whether a fighter is injured or not, let alone the lengthy suspensions they levy on fighters who are injured or sustain a KO/TKO (definitely a good thing though). I suppose Bellator uses a tourny format, and Strikeforce attempted it, but neither really had the same feel, or appeal that the tournaments in Asia had. That is just my feelings though, I know there are still a lot of people who enjoy tournaments, regardless of how long they take to complete.

On a side note Melvin would get RNC'd in the first round of the tournament
6/20/12 9:20:42AM
I came up with this idea on another site well before him... I have the proof if you wanna see LOL
6/20/12 10:49:49AM

Posted by MeetFrancisco

I came up with this idea on another site well before him... I have the proof if you wanna see LOL

no need, I believe you
6/20/12 11:10:01AM
Really?! Would he even make the top 16?

1. Bendo
2. Edgar
3. Diaz
4. Maynard
5. Guida
6. Melendez
7. Thompson (both assuming SF was merged)
8. Cerrone
9. Pettis
10. Miller
11. Healy
12. Tibau
13. Wiman
14. RDA
15. Dunham
16. Varner


He barely rocks anywhere near my top 20 ZUFFA Guys right now
2 back 2 back RNC losses... Really?!

I hope he's not underestimating Camoes game as, as far as I remember, Camoes is coming off a RNC victory.

If Guillard wants to impress me then he better come out there with a grappling based gameplan, if not I don't think I'll ever rank him in the top 10 LW ZUFFA fighters again.
6/20/12 1:43:27PM
Well I theorized that they would make a huge deal out if it and included the likes of a 155 Jose Aldo, a returning BJ Penn, Gil, and Eddie Alvarez.
6/20/12 2:09:12PM
he can on UFC 3
6/20/12 5:03:57PM
He wants a 16 man tourney. i want 16 million dollars. neither of these will ever happen.
6/20/12 5:27:47PM
I would enjoy the hell out of it but at the same time it just doesn't work with modern day mma. I guarantee at least 25% of the fighters would have to pull out due to injury and on top of that, we'd have to wait the better part of 2 years to see it finally conclude.
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