What OTHER ufc 148 match are you excited for?

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7/7/12 10:01:08AM
anyone else notice how...
UFC 148 has extremely interesting match ups that are being overshadowed by the astronomically awesome main event ..... SILVA VS SONNEN TTWWOO TWO TWo Two two (echo)!
So for 1 minute lets try to forget about that fight & focus on the other guys.. whoever they may be haha
So what other bouts are you STOKED for tonight?!?!?!

(Super secret bonus question)
(I am going to the liquor store after this post)
What are you sipping/drinking/chugging while you watch MMA-history-in-the-making tonight? HAHAH ITS TWIMMMEE
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7/7/12 10:07:51AM
Since I ran oupt of jack daniels last night. I'll be drinking Black Velvet canadian whiskey with coke
7/7/12 10:15:51AM
No other fight matters tonight....SKIP right to the CHAEL event.

I will be drinking the COWARDS blood tonight after victory.
7/7/12 10:23:43AM
Cote/Le for sure. Hoping for a good ol fashion slobber knocker!

Couple possibilities for the drink tonight. Either some Mikes Hard Lemonade cause its so damn hot out, or a medium-light beer. Still not sure what kind.
7/7/12 10:25:55AM

Not all that excited for this card.

I guess

Cung Le and Cote
7/7/12 10:56:33AM
honestly i cant wait to see the return of the stungun! mia's gonna wish he moved UP a weight class after the stunner tosses him around the cage for 3 rounds.
PLUS i have a super intense av bet riding on that fight with a fellow canadian playgrounder... BUDGE Gonna be a LEGIT NIGHT

Oh.. & what did i bring home from the LC u ask..?
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7/7/12 11:20:12AM
Cote/Le, TIbau/Nurmagomedov, and Alessio/Roller

I'll be drinking some form of beer tonight...maybe I will take one for the team and drink a good ol American beer for Sonnen (aka Budwiser <---- sick face)

btw is that short for LCBO or are there other "LC" in each province?
7/7/12 11:32:52AM

7/7/12 11:35:26AM

btw is that short for LCBO or are there other "LC" in each province?

short for NSLC which is the Nova Scotia Liquor Commission, same as your LCBO yes just a different province.
BUT (fun fact) there isn't an "LC" in each province, Alberta's liquor stores are not resided over by a commission so "LC" doesn't really work in that shitty province
7/7/12 11:42:03AM

Am I missing something? Is Mendes vs. McKenzie the worst mismatch in a long time?
7/7/12 11:52:20AM
Menjivar/Easton for sure.

I can't wait for that one. Cote/Le should be great too/
7/7/12 12:14:19PM
I'm pumped to see Guillard fight, hoping he gets a KO\
Tibau/Nurmagomedov is a really interesting fight as well, should be fun
Philippou/Fukuda and Menjivar/Easton are also sick fights!!
Gonna be a great night of fights during which i will be consuming some type of beer, probably Old Mil or Corona, Cheers!
7/7/12 12:38:51PM
Le/Cote - Should be some good action

Mendes/Mckenzie - For the simple chance Mckenzie catches Mendes in a guillotine

Menjivar/Easton - Great fight

Maia/Kim - Hopefully we see new life in Maia at WW
7/7/12 12:41:07PM
Besides the obvious Silva vs Sonnen.

I'd say I'm really looking forward to Menjivar vs Easton. I could see that being the best fight of the night.

Cote vs Le because someone is getting KOed.

Ans Gleison Tibau vs Nurmagomedov. Should be a very competitive prelim.
7/7/12 2:55:27PM
Maia's last finish was of Sonnen in '09.
7/7/12 2:57:05PM
7/7/12 3:30:38PM
Griffin at the weigh ins kind of got me excited for Griffin/Tito too.
7/7/12 4:51:15PM

Am I missing something? Is Mendes vs. McKenzie the worst mismatch in a long time?

Pretty big mismatch but the biggest mismatch of lately was Werdum Vs Russow.
7/7/12 6:57:05PM
So I am at the event in my seat waiting for first prelims
EXPO was cool only stayed for two hours but met

Cain Jake shields. Okami and gustallffson. Jim miller condit Tom lawler and torres
Coolest guy was torres.

Besides main event

I am excited for le vs cote.
Will be watching co main tensly since I placed a
100 dollar bet for Ortiz to win by Dec. For my friend not me. He wins 400 if Tito wins. I will pocket 100 of it for my influence on how fight ends.