UFC 148's Cung Le not thinking retirement without first getting a UFC victory

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7/5/12 11:03:42PM
After turning 40 this past May, Cung Le feels the toll a long fighting career has taken on his body.

Does he feel them enough to think about hanging up the gloves to focus 100 percent on his other passion, movies? Le isn't sure – but he does know he sure would like his first UFC win before retirement.

"We'll see (about retirement)," Le told MMAjunkie.com. "I never look ahead. I'm one of those guys, I'm in the moment. Every day I wake up is a blessing. I have this day, and I'm going to live in this day. I can't look toward tomorrow because tomorrow's not promised."

7/6/12 12:30:26AM
He's not getting a victory this weekend

7/6/12 12:41:26AM
Let me break out the crystal ball for Cung....

I predict many "Hollywood" direct-to-videos in his future

Pandorum 2 perhaps....oh wait, his character died in that one
7/6/12 3:01:18AM
Unfortunately there are not a whole lot of guys in the middleweight division Cung has a good shot at beating. Sure he's got an excellent stand up game along with a lot of heart but his age and cardio play a big issue, haven't seen any of his ground game so can't say that's an asset. I could be wrong however, if he beats Cote this weekend than props to him but I just can't picture him beating too many guys right now.
7/6/12 2:49:31PM
Cung is going to have to wait because Cote is going to put his lights out. WAR COTE!!!!!!