UFC 147 weakest ppv card on paper ever ?

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6/23/12 8:20:36PM
what do you guys think ? i know if the ufc brought a show down to australia and there were only two international fighters on the whole card and the rest from home...i'd be pissed.
6/23/12 8:29:50PM
It is a weak one, idk about weakest ever b/c I'd have to look the others one up, but it's up there.
6/23/12 8:52:21PM
Last night probably was a stronger card, but everybody was offered a refund,lol so I guess it's just the PPV guys getting hosed.
6/23/12 9:04:48PM
It may be weak on paper but all the fights so far have been awesome.
6/23/12 9:22:38PM

Posted by Budgellism

It may be weak on paper but all the fights so far have been awesome.

Way better than last nights.

And also, Ever is hyperbole. Lots of cards suck worse than this one on paper.
6/23/12 9:37:49PM
def one of the worst ever (imho)
6/24/12 1:37:00AM
Still watchjng prelims. But so far 3-0. Now i wish we had seperate cards. Okay card. My friends didn't know any of the fighters at all
6/24/12 10:25:31AM
Obviously some circumstances happened to this card, but yes this was rather weak.

In terms of current divisional relevance, this is up there. Franklin and Silva, although a good fight... doesnt really get me too excited considering the rest of their UFC careers would likely get in fights with past their prime legends (which isnt bad, just lacking future contention relevance especially considering it was a mian event).

Co main of Sergio Moraes and Mutante may determine the future in terms of relevance, but not the immediate future.

Just because the fights are exciting doesnt necessarily mean the card was justified being on PPV. I never liked the argument 'wait until after the card to judge it' This has been brought up numerous times when then considered 'weak cards' actually ended up having good fights on it.

Other promotions actually have good fights on them (King of the Cage, etc). Hell, most regional promotion fights are usually between a guy that knows how to fight, versus another guy that doesnt know how to fight, and ends up being exciting because the one guy that knows how to fight usually curb-stomps the other guy in brutal fashion. But people tend not to watch it due to lack of relevance (among other things such as media availability, marketing etc... which goes back to the lack of relevance the card provides from a divisional standpoint).

The circumstances that lead up to the PPV card was unfortunate, the UFC had to try and make do with what they had. They did offer refunds for the card, which was nice on their part - they at least tried to mitigate the damage of a weak card which at that time was pretty much all they could do.

Meh, it happens.