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POLL: Who wins Silva/Sonnen 2?
Silva KO/TKO 70% (16)
Silva Submission 4% (1)
Silva Decision 4% (1)
Sonnen KO/TKO 0% (0)
Sonnen Submission 0% (0)
Sonnen Decision 22% (5)
2/28/12 12:22:07PM
This NickTheFace guy makes some amazing videos, and I think his most recent promo for Silva/Sonnen 2 may be my favorite.


I looked for a thread discussing 147 and couldn't find one, so figured I might make one to show you guys this vid and get some early discussion going on what I think is the biggest rematch this sport has ever seen. (I know that's what the UFC is billing it as, but I really agree. Anderson is my GOAT and this rematch has some very historical implications.)

What do you guys think will happen? If Chael wins, will he be able to make it out of Brazil alive with his real championship belt?

I have Silva by TKO just because of his track record, but I could really see it going either way. Sonnen imposed his gameplan on Anderson last time and could very well do it again. I'm really stoked for the co-main as well, Vitor vs. Wanderlei is going to be a barn burner.
2/28/12 12:25:22PM
As much as I want to be wrong...

I think Anderson TKO's Chael early this time around. R2 TKO.

And I personally don't think Vitor/Wandy will be very competitive. I'll take Belfort via brutal R1 knockout within 90 seconds.
2/28/12 1:14:04PM
I think Silva TKO/KOs Sonnen this time around.
2/28/12 1:32:01PM
Main and Co Main event will both be first rd knockouts I think. Silva over Sonnen and Belfort over Silva.
2/28/12 2:49:11PM
i think sonnen will do what he did last time and grind his way to a decision.

the only thing that makes me think silva will win is the fact that it's in brazil and fights in brazil seem to give brazilians super powers or something.

but in the end, i'm going with sonnen.

2/28/12 3:09:46PM
I think it'll be a Rd 2 or 3 KO for Silva over Sonnen.
I don't think it will happen in the first round.

I was actually more optimistic about Chael maybe grinding out a decision with Silva, before the Bisping fight. I just noticed more holes in his game than I otherwise thought he had.

The momentum of Brazilian fans plus Silva's experience with him in the Octagon should give the champ the edge.
2/28/12 3:40:11PM
I'll be rooting for Chael and Wanderlei, but I think both will lose decisively.
2/28/12 6:09:57PM
im also rooting for chael, but after his fight with bisping i think silva will probably get the KO/TKO. i hate saying that but i just dont see chael getting all those take downs again. chael will most likely fight the exact same way he has been fighting for a long time, and bisping showed that its very possible to stop chaels take downs. i still refuse to root for silva
2/28/12 6:26:40PM
I have a feeling silva is gonna knock him out cold within two rounds
2/28/12 7:00:19PM
I'll take Silva via rd2 tko with Chael looking like Brock against Overeem

I'll take Belfort by rd1 ko. I think they will feel eachother out for the first minute or two but after that it will be fast and furious with Belfort finishing it pretty brutally
2/28/12 7:01:59PM
It's threads like this that I miss Chael_Sonnen, but then again its threads like this when I DON'T miss Chael_Sonnen
2/28/12 7:26:04PM
As being a fan of neither Sonnen or Silvia I see Sonnen doing the same thing he did last time minus the submission loss .

Sonnen obviously is not going to let that happen again and obviously Silva is going to try and prevent what happened last time as well.

BUT imo stylistically this is a bad matchup for Silva

Sonnen is strong and strong enough to keep Silva on the floor.

Ive said it before . It's gonna take a strong skilled wrestler whos going to dethrone Silva.I started thinking that as soon as I saw Travis Lutter ACTUALLY winning against Silva. Obviously Lutter couldn't capitalize but I think Sonnen can and will this time
2/28/12 10:46:10PM
I'm surprised no one has mentioned how amazing that trailer is. That's one of the best mma trailers I've ever seen. I'm pumped up from that.

Sonnen has never been stopped from strikes. He lost by a corner stoppage, a cut and a technical submission by armbar to Prangley in his 7th fight. Those are his (t)ko losses. He's never been knocked out or put away with strikes. Silva on the other hand is on an incredible tear the likes of which have never been seen in the UFC. The guy is a puzzle for any fighter. Plus he gets a home field advantage that the Brazilians have already proven to be significant. This fight is so hard to predict...

The Wandy/Belfort fight is the opposite. If anything but Belfort winning in under 2 minutes happens I'll be shocked.

2/28/12 11:44:07PM

Posted by emfleek

As much as I want to be wrong...

I think Anderson TKO's Chael early this time around. R2 TKO.

And I personally don't think Vitor/Wandy will be very competitive. I'll take Belfort via brutal R1 knockout within 90 seconds.

Pretty much exactly what I'm thinking. Chael did not look fantastic against Bisping, and in the post fight press conference, he said that Bisping basically knocked him out early in the fight. It's really tough for me to see Chael make it 25 minutes without getting finished somewhere, but I guess he came pretty damn close last time, so who knows.
2/28/12 11:54:37PM
Nicktheface2 has THE GREATEST trailers of all time, and this one gave me shivers. The "Itsy Bitsy Spider" intro was so well done. It has made me so pumped for this fight, even though its months away.

I picked Sonnen UD. Bisping has far better TDD than Silva, and that is why Sonnen didn't look so good. I can easily see Sonnen getting KTFO as well, but my great dislike for Silva tells me Sonnen will win. Really surprised that no one picked Silva via sub though

Belfort should win by KO in the 1st round. I'll be rooting hard for Wandy but this matchup is a nightmare for him.
2/29/12 1:36:56AM
Why does everyone hate Anderson Silva? haha
2/29/12 3:17:47AM
Anderson Silva and Vitor Belfort have their matches in the bag
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