UFC 147/UFC on FX 4

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3/27/12 9:31:29AM
Not sure if this has happened before, but with the events taking place on consecutive days, how are we to place wagers on UFC 147 if UFC on FX 4 is just a day earlier?

Will the events be packaged together? Apologies if I've missed something obvious..
5/17/12 2:54:14AM
Bumping this thread.

I know it's over a month away, but would the wager betting for the pay-per-view take precedence over the wager betting for UFC on FX 4? Is it a first-come first-serve thing so UFC on FX 4 is the one the site wagers on? Or do we just have to log in the day after UFC on FX 4 but before the event's locking to get in our wagers?
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