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6/24/12 12:45:37AM
Another great fight from too all time greats
6/24/12 12:45:57AM
lame wandy after the 2nd round

didn't do anything til like 1 min left in the fight

I think maybe any other ref and I'd have my 11 pts.
6/24/12 12:49:38AM
What's next?

Dumb and Dumber sequel
6/24/12 12:53:27AM
Great main event. Respect Rich and Wandy so much.
6/24/12 12:55:08AM
Glad to get this combo crap over with. Horrible event for me.
6/24/12 1:02:48AM
Great PPV to cap off a great weekend of events. Went 12-5, maybe 94 points. Way worse points wise than I was looking for, but ill take 70% on any event.
6/24/12 1:02:52AM
It's been a horrible season for me, so I'm happy that things went reasonably well for me
6/24/12 1:03:19AM
I think I got 72 pts

Could have gotten more.

Guida switch didn't work
Catone would have been 11, but it's mma
TJ switch didn't work, almost did get that 1st round sub or 2nd I can't remember
Should have had the 11 from Wandy's second round, but Mario gave Rich all that time
Felipe and that crap draw took away another 11
6/24/12 1:47:40AM
Went 11-6 with 76pts. shitty. im actually looking forward to this season being over
6/24/12 7:23:38PM
can someone pm me a link to a stream,,,pretty please. I am stuck in bed and have no access to tv...facebook wouldn't load .....

ijust reaized today was sunday :) being real sick is awesome...u lose track 0f time apparently. anybody know if the videos r up somewhere?
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