ufc 146 predictions for sotn? kotn? fotn?

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5/24/12 5:28:03PM
The heavyweights have arrived.

Still a great card minus overeem gonzaga. Hunt and dunham

Add varner Herman lavar and miocic

I will be at this live. For a one day fast Vegas trip. I couldn't wait for this in March and now I could say the same about 148 in July.

Fight of the night.

I have a feeling that Herman vs nelson is gonna be entertaining. Nelson has a lot more to lose than Herman. I like both guys a lot. And i am campaigning for a hunt vs nelson match in Sept Vegas card


I will go with most brutal. Jds by flash knockout. Uppercut to mir. Once again like both guys. But mir seems a lot slower.

Honorable mention goes to lavar big Johnson
I keep seeing repeat images of Browne vs struve in my head

Sub of the night.

Will go with no other than monkey boy miller subbing out the dollaway possible out of the Ufc.
I will be wearing my mayhem monkey shirt in support !!!


Bigfoot vs Cain scares me a little. After all the guy did put away fedor. Size advantage over Cain.
And factor in how he will be after jds knockout

Enjoy the fights. First ever main heavyweight all card.

And i gotta admit I like the big boys fighting the best
5/24/12 6:17:47PM
FOTN - Miocic vs Del Rosario

KOTN - JDS, that's the only way Mir loses

SOTN - Sass is only sub I have, but I could see Volkman winning that

Upset - I like Elkins for now over Diego

CB over Mayhem

Pee Wee could beat Nelson is he has good reach and can stay on the outside, but Pee Wee isn't that good.

Pineda is on a roll and could beat or sub Brown, though I'm sticking with Brown for now.

Bigfoot is a good sized UD, though idk if he can out grapple Cain like he did to Fedor as Cain is probably better there. Then, Bigfoot has that big head that will be easier for Cain to hit. I would like to see bigfoot win.
5/24/12 7:27:17PM

SOTN Struve

FOTN Hardy vs Ludwig

Upset: Elkins over Brandao
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