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12/20/07 10:31:26PM
IMO this would be good on zuffa's part...more fighters more title fights and wed see a grip of 155 pounders drop to this weigh class.

Does anyone know why the UFC isnt gonna open any more weight classes?


What do you guys think of more weight classes?
12/20/07 10:38:06PM
Well I think they should open a 140 LBS division if anything. Because that's right in the middle of 135 and 145. Plus imagine if they had a 155, 145, and 135 division. Then you look at the difference of 205 and 185. I think they will open a 145 division though, late 2008. I hope they get Kid in that division as well. I also think zuffa should sign less fighters if they do open a 145 div, because they already have so many fighters at this point, and not too many deserve to be there. If they open up another division, that's just so many fighters to showcase.
12/20/07 10:55:19PM
Well, they already have one in WEC !!

WEC is controlled by the UFC !!

So, we can see them more often because in WEC they don't have the HW division.

12/21/07 12:24:55AM
I think that Zuffa is going to use the FW and BW divisions to help grow the WEC. They already have enough talent at the current weight classes in the UFC, but the WEC is seriously lacking talent. The fact that the best FW and BW fighters in the world are in the WEC definitely means something.
12/21/07 8:20:28AM
UFC doesn't need 20 million weight classes. That dilutes the title picture a bit too much and evnetually means fewer fights for everyone, unless every event had 15 fights.
12/21/07 8:57:53AM
Urijah Faber!
12/21/07 2:22:20PM
Bad idea, because there isnt enough talent in 145 to make a whole successful division, so as of now it needs to build it up in WEC. so its fine where its at
12/21/07 10:14:31PM
Norifumi Yamamoto!
12/21/07 10:53:45PM
The UFC needs to take care of its other struggling division(I'm talking about you, middleweight...) That weight class is pathetic. There is about 1 fighter in the UFC who would be a challenge to Anderson Silva at this point, and his name is Dan Henderson. So before they go making these new divisions that I would have no interest in, they need to make sure their current divisions have as much talent as they can.
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