ufc 145 predictions for fotn? sotn? kotn?

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4/18/12 9:12:31AM
The biggest fight of the year probably is here.
I am curious how many pay per view buys it does
Given the fact that Montreal card got scrapped
And Cain vs big foot got moved as main event from this card in favor of Jones vs Evans. I do feel lucky.
I fly out in a day to head to Atlanta

Fight of the night.

I will go with mayday vs torres. Young prospect vs ex champ. If mayday does win he will be within one fight for a title shot

Sub of the night

I will go with Bocek subbing out John

Knock out of the night.

I will go with Mark homminck knocking out yagin.
I really thought the Ufc should have given Mark a more better opponent.


Probably the biggest question. Can Evans find redemption. By beating Jones. He beats not only him but also Greg Jackson as well as the Ufc in general. I honestly think the Ufc doesn't want him to win as well
4/18/12 9:47:45AM
FOTN: MacDonald vs. Mills
KOTN: Schaub over Rothwell
SOTN: Jones over Evans
4/18/12 10:39:27AM
fotn mcdonald vs torres
sotn mcdonald over mills
kotn schaub over rothwell
4/18/12 10:50:05AM
FOTN: Makdessi vs Njoukuani
SOTN: McDonald over Mills
KOTN: Jones over Evans
4/18/12 11:53:20AM
I believe in Rashad Evans.

KOTN: Rashad over Jones

SOTN: Bocek over Alessio

FOTN: Evans vs Jones

NEW LHW Champion Rashad Evans.
4/18/12 1:21:52PM
KOTN - Maximo Blanco
SOTN - Rory MacDonald
FOTN - Njokuani vs. Makdessi
4/18/12 1:48:35PM
I had plans to go to this when it was set for Montreal in March. The delay in timing doesn't synch with my weekend work-sched right now, so had to miss going to this live. Grrrr... I hate schedule changes! lol

Here's my picks:

FOTN - Jones v Evans - the energy between these two is ripe for this.

SOTN - Rory - definitely :)

KOTN - I'd say it's between Hominick or Shaub getting this one, but I'm going with Hominick.
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