UFC 145: Jon Jones Opens As Massive Favorite Over Rashad Evans

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1/30/12 8:56:27PM
After Rashad Evans beat Phil Davis at UFC on Fox 2, he sat at the post-fight press conference fielding questions about his upcoming bout with rival Jon Jones, currently scheduled as the main event of UFC 145 in Atlanta on April 21st. In one of the answers, he stated that he'd "probably be a huge underdog" going into the bout. Well, he was right about that. Bookmaker was the first site to drop a betting line for Jones vs. Evans, and it's pretty lopsided:

1/30/12 9:04:56PM
they are daring you to take rashad. a fighter on his level paying those odds are ridiculous, but jon jones is ridiculously good. im very excited about this fight
1/30/12 9:54:46PM
Id say its accurate.
I see Jones blowing Rashad out the water
1/30/12 10:05:36PM
Makes sense
1/30/12 10:09:14PM
I wonder how the Playground odds will turn out.
1/30/12 10:19:22PM
Even with odds like this, The most 'real' money i'd risk on Rashad would be like 10 bucks, theres no way he's beating 'Bones'.
1/30/12 10:54:20PM
At them odds it would be worth throwing down a days salary, on the off chance shad connects or is actualy able to hold him down like he says. I believe Rashad will put up a better fight then most people do, so that makes betting on him a little easier.
1/30/12 11:08:52PM
is anyone not an underdog against bones in LHW?
1/31/12 3:32:46AM
anything can happen in mma & i think rashad has better odds than what was given him based on a "puncher's chance" alone.

not saying i'm picking him, just think it's disrespectful to a proven fighter on his level. this is probably due to more respect for Jones than it is disrespect for Rashad, but it just seems disrespectful to me.
1/31/12 1:11:09PM

Posted by tallica62

is anyone not an underdog against bones in LHW?

there is a difference being a +250 underdog and a +400 underdog. i dont think Rampage was that heavy of a dog, and Evans has a much better chance than Rampage.

if i could, I would definitely put a bit of money down on Evans
2/1/12 1:56:42AM
im picking Evans to win, there is something we dont know. he trained with this guy and wants the fight bad
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