UFC 145: Dennis Hallman Responds To John Makdessi Missing Weight

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4/21/12 2:08:47PM
When John Makdessi suffered his first career loss to Dennis Hallman at UFC 140, it wasn't without some controversy. Hallman missed weight for the bout, coming in at 158 pounds for their lightweight (155 pound) bout. Hallman trucked Makdessi, quickly taking him down and submitting him.

Earlier this month, Makdessi was on MMA Junkie Radio and hadn't exactly moved on:

"At the end of the day, the guy was just 40 pounds heavier than me. The two pounds (I have to cut to make weight), it kills me ... and Dennis Hallman didn't even break that barrier. He didn't even try. In the back, I saw him eating.

"I have a lot of respect for fighters that go back to the sauna and try to make weight. I'm a very respectful fighter; I'm not a dirty fighter. I don't take anything illegal. I train with my bruises and injuries. And this guy, it's factual that he takes steroids. He takes steroids because we're in MMA where fighters can medically get testosterone, and I think is all B.S."

All this would have been fine and good...had Makdessi not missed weight yesterday for his UFC 145 bout with Anthony Njokuani.

It didn't take Hallman too long before he responded to the situation on Twitter:

Dennis Hallman
Take it as a life lesson @johnmakdessimma We ALL make mistakes. Good luck in your fight tomorrow.
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4/21/12 2:12:22PM
At least Hallman wasn't a complete dick about it, I think his response is fair.
4/21/12 2:13:42PM
Classy response from Hallman imo. He still got to have his word on Makdessi's situation without coming off as a douche.

EDIT: Makdessi however, has egg all over his face and is getting abused on Twitter.

4/21/12 3:04:10PM
I didn't even realize Makdessi missed weight, b/c I just read the title and it said Jones/Evans made weight.
4/21/12 4:55:51PM
Wow, I am not a fan of Makdessi's comments or excuses. In case he didn't know, Hallman is an old man in MMA terms. TRT maybe become necessary when Makdessi reaches the same age. Not to mention weight gets harder to cut as you get older. Why couldn't the young buck who was quick to talk so much shit cut the last two pounds? What was his excuse?

Oh yeah, because he was "told by doctors" not to cut anymore weight. Which is just a cop out for an unprofessional weight cut. It's more like, "I was too fat, and I tried cutting so much weight the doctors told me my internal organs were going to fail so I had to stop."
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