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2/26/12 2:29:09AM
Who else got completely dominated in picks tonight like I did?
I got 28 points LOL. I knew coming in the picks seemed too easy to be true.
The only picks I got were my parlays + bendo.

2/26/12 2:37:20AM
i got 7 for bendo, 11 for shields, and 11 for gomi. other than that, it was all zeros. far from my best card. something like 3-9 for the japan card. complete shit on my part
2/26/12 3:26:31AM
Wow bad night for picks for me too but made up most my money back by going with vaughn lee. Great night of fights. Hope everyone enjoyed them.
2/26/12 10:38:25AM
A crap night in picks. Got 5 wins. Thank god 4 of them was 11 points with won being 22. Underdogs killed me. And i lost frankie and page. And i though of changing them at last min
2/26/12 11:57:54AM
is this season over yet...? my record can't handle my shitty picks anymore
2/26/12 4:03:49PM
haha, I loved this event. I knew Hunt would win, but I aired on the side of caution and picked Kongo. I about woke up the block when Hunt knocked his ass out. I also picked Akiyama and I still feel that it was the smart pick given how little Shields could do, but Akiyama was too tentative. I also picked the Barbarian and was crying until the 3rd round.

Then I ran around my house beating my chest while I was calling Jae_1833 to talk shit.
2/26/12 5:36:55PM
Ya i had a shit event.

One of the worst I've ever had.

There were some big upsets and one crazy come back.

Looking back there were a few fights I should have picked differently but most of the stuff that happened couldn't have been predicted except by guessing.
2/27/12 12:15:25PM
I did pretty well acutally.
I got 63 points. So I did ok.
Kongo fight 0 points.
Kid fight 0 points.
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