UFC 142's Mendes more than ready for champ Aldo, no matter what Maynard says

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1/4/12 3:32:40PM
Two-time lightweight title challenger Gray Maynard thinks featherweight Chad Mendes isn't ready for a title shot.

Mendes, who's four years into pro MMA with 11 fights to his name, strongly disagrees.

"Maynard saying that he doesn't think that I'm ready for a title shot – I don't know why Maynard's saying anything about anyone," Mendes (11-0 MMA, 2-0 UFC) said today during a media call in support of UFC 142, which he headlines opposite featherweight champ Jose Aldo (20-1 MMA, 2-0 UFC).

1/4/12 3:47:19PM
For Maynard to make that statement after training with Aldo, Maynard had to have had a difficult time taking Aldo down.

I dont think Maynard or Mendes are wrong for making either statement. They were asked their opinions, and when you are, you have every right to speak your opinion.
1/4/12 4:19:28PM
Gray is just bitter that he lost his last two fights.
1/4/12 4:25:14PM
“He knows how to defend the takedowns very well, I trained with him and it was hard for me to take him down. I can tell you he doesn’t need my help all that much, he’s pretty good at this”

What are your thoughts about Aldo VS. Mendes? Do you believe Mendes has chances?

The way I see it, Chad Mendes is a great athlete, a very mature kid, but honestly I don’t believe he’s ready to fight Jose Aldo. I think it’s too soon, he needed to fight few more times, but well… I’m not the one to decide that, it’s just my opinion on the subject. Jose Aldo is a great champion, you can tell he feels comfortable at the cage and it seems he does what he wants to do in there. He’s an impressive guy a while now I’ll do whatever it is I can do to help him out. It’s a pleasure training with a guy that talented. I can only say “thank you, Jose Aldo”.

More of the interview that led to the comments in the first link
1/4/12 5:50:41PM
Mendes is ready. Will he win? I doubt it but he is ready.

Mendes will improve over the years, but it will likely not make a significant impact on his chances against someone like Aldo. Cowcatcher will disagree with me and that is fine.

What I'm trying to say is most fighters who have made it to the big stage cannot make future improvements to significantly increase their chances - and I see that in a lot of young fighters like Mendes, Aldo, Hominick, Hazelette, Pettis etc.
1/5/12 1:59:19AM
im picking mendes by split/UD. i dont know what to expect from either fighter, mendes is one of the fastest wrestlers ive seen in a long time. IMO he's a bigger, stronger version of faber with better GnP and takedowns. im tired of aldo too so that has something to do with it. either way i think he's a good fight for aldo, he's a scrappy wrestler with great speed, takedowns, and nasty GnP.
1/5/12 9:46:58AM
I think people are greatly over estimating Mendes' chances here
1/5/12 9:50:24AM

Posted by airkerma

I think people are greatly over estimating Mendes' chances here

I think it has to do with Aldo's tenacity the past few fights as well as Mendes' determination in the cage. He's been outstanding in his career to this point, and I think that he's deserving of the shot. I think that he will beat Aldo with strength and eventually takedowns.
1/5/12 11:53:10AM
I think that Mendes is a predictable fighter in terms of his style and Aldo will be able to pick him apart. Aldo always seems to find a way to hang onto that belt, despite occasional takedowns and botched rounds. He knows how to do 'enough' to secure the win.

I'm not sure if Mendes is "ready" for the fight, but it should be a fun one to watch, anyway. Someone has to challenge... it might as well be him.
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