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12/9/11 8:01:09PM

12/9/11 8:04:05PM

Posted by FastKnockout

Coming soon.

Do tell!
12/9/11 8:08:55PM
Jones' look away face is so ghey
12/9/11 8:22:59PM
My God does Patrick have a misshaped head.

Look who is finally back, bottom right corner of pic,

Forgot a pic as well there

12/9/11 8:29:10PM
Good save.
12/9/11 8:47:54PM
I would drink Brittney Palmers bath water.
12/9/11 9:11:20PM
Dana looks like he needs to cut some weight.
12/9/11 9:43:49PM
All three main Brazilians look pretty intense this time around.

Mir looks like he's rockin' some serious GH-belly.

Bones is just young, inexperienced, and doesn't know how to act yet. Give 'im time - he's a natural at everything else so far.
12/9/11 10:40:31PM
Hallman shouldn't have tried to cut to 155. Now I'm 90% sure he's getting cut. Not to mention Makdessi clearly wasn't happy about it. I think he stops him.

EDIT: Also, is anyone else really pumped for the Oritz/Lil Nog fight? Great stare down.
12/9/11 10:55:28PM
Not confident in really any of my picks.

Watson has some good height on Yves, but I'm not changing any of my picks this time.

Hope Bocek subs Lentz, even though I have Lentz picked.

Constantinos looks shredded, I'm a little less confident in Hamman, he looks like a twig that could get broken in half by Constantinos.
12/10/11 7:45:06AM
Hamman's got a pervy coach / Dr. Phil mustache that is bugging the crap out of me. as if the man didn't look goofy enough as it is
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