ufc 140 predictions for sotn,fotn,kotn?

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12/7/11 1:32:33PM
Another great card comes.
I think better than 141 on paper
Title main events are geat.

Fight of the night

Will go with korean zombie vs the machine. Both will swing away. I doubt it hits the floor

Sub of the night

I will go with john cholish choking out canadian hometown mitch clark

Knock out

I will go with frank mir knocking out big nog


If tito wins don't be surprised. Even though he may not really be that big of a underdog
12/7/11 1:41:17PM
Sub of the night - Big Nog

KO of the night - Hominick

FOTN- Patrick/Ebersole or Bocek/Lentz

Upset- MACHITA!!!!!! probably not but I sure hope so.
12/7/11 2:02:26PM
FOTN: Ebersole vs. Patrick
KOTN: Mir over Big Nog
SOTH: Bocek over Lentz
12/7/11 2:07:14PM
KOTN - John Makdessi
SOTN - Mark Bocek
FOTN - Hominick vs. Jung
Upset: Claude Patrick
12/7/11 2:12:11PM
FOTN: Hominick vs. Zombie
KOTN: Makdessi
SOTN: Cholish
12/7/11 2:32:16PM
FOTN: Krzysztof/Igor slugfest
KOTN: Machida
SOTN: I didn't have any, but just changed Hallman to sub win.
Upset: Machida
12/7/11 6:44:50PM
FOTN: Bones VS Dragon (although I doubt it'll go 5 rounds)

KOTN: Makdessi (Im not talking about a TKO either, I wanna see Hallmans eyes roll up & his legs twitch!)

SOTH: Mir (He beat Big Nog on the feet last fight, I think he'll beat him on the ground this time around)

UPSET: (Plenty of room for upsets on this card. Claude Patrick, Gazel Watson, Igor, Zombie, Tito. Im sure we'll see atleast one) Probably the peoples champ TITO
12/8/11 7:07:00AM
KOTN: Jones Vs Machida (Match will prob be via TKO either way)
FOTN: Korean Zombie Vs Hominik
SOTN: Tito Ortiz Vs Little Nog
12/8/11 10:54:33AM
FOTN: Korean Zombie vs. Mark Hominick, duhhh
SOTN: Dennis Hallman in a slight upset
KOTN: Frank Mir with the repeat
UOTN: Not picking any but Phillipou or Watson has decent shots with underdog odds
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