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11/23/11 4:04:58AM
Lil Nog vs Tito Ortiz in their primes in the early part of the last decade would have been a real treat. I think Its a 50/50 epic of a fight that would be as talked about as nog/shogun, shogun/hendo, ortiz/belfort, ortiz/griffin fights. But even at this stage both aré still fan friendly never dull fighters. They will do epic battle with whatever they have left which is where it makes it interesting. Tito only has loss to A level fighters besides Hamil. He trashed Bader but then took rashad on short notice. He still has a chance but if Nog can still compete at a world class level then he should be able take this version of Ortiz and pick him apart.

He came into the UFC on a mean streak trashing Wlad, Dewees, and Cane. Then came that razor thin victory over brillz, then lost a controversal decision to bader who he outworked. Then i thought he won a razor thin decision but he lost it to phil davis but cant be mad at it. It was close. But anywho this is Lil Nogs last chance, last stand to really stay in the conversation of elite fighters right now. If he loses to Ortiz he could maybe have a few more epics but not be relevant anymore. Ortiz would maybe earn himself one last decent fight. But for Nog he could still be a contender if he wins this since Ortiz trashed Bader. Nog could earn a fight with rampage, thiago silva with a win to put him back in title contention. Its lil Nogs last stand. Hes one of the last few remaining PRIDE legends who aré still capable of fighting at the elite level. He has the best hands at LHW when Hes on his game. Hes hard to beat if Hes still got it!

Big Nog what can you say about him besides you love the guy. Whats not to love? This dude gets his ass kicked every god damn fight but overcomes the adversity and wins. The Brazilian Rocky Balboa. He imo is arguably the greatest heavyweight ever resume wise. Fedor is #1 all time head to head but Nogs resume is probably the best ever in all of MMA. Hes fought the toughest whos who of all time. He was #1 in PRIDE until Fedors prime but remained #2 the whole time beating cro cop, barnett, and Werdum plus other good ones. Then even after Fedor peaked in 07-08 Lil Nog became #1 in the UFC defeating Herring and Tim Sylvia to become champ when Randy was on his Fedor female period which was one of the most dreadful event of MMA heavyweight history.

But since then he got staph and fought Mir who stopped him for the first time. Nog had a legit excuse he wasnt 100%. He cameback to destroy Randy. Then got caught by cain in devastating depressing fashion. He then took another which has become a habit year layoff until he came back this summer a year and a half later to survive Schaubs best and KO him in brutal epic fashion in the Undoubtedly undeniable feel good moment of the year in his home country. He feels like he has one more good run like Wandy but even more epic hes coming back for vengence on Frank Mir. Without staph finally at 100% we will see Big Nogs one last chance of redemption. One last stand!

If he wants one last big fight in RÍO again hell need to win this. The world would love Big Nog get vengence. But can he? I think if Big Nog still has anything left he has a chance. If not another easy win for Mir but Nog has the tools. Hes outboxed Barnett, Werdum, and Herring plus others not to mention he hung in with Prime Tim Sylvia whos a decent boxer. Nogs a good boxer like his brother. Mir likes to use angles to get in and get out with a three punch combo. Nog just cant be recklessly aggressive like against Cain and Mir the first time getting picked apart. If he can establish his jab and time that right hand. If he can land first as Mir closes distance on his angles to keep him off balance throwing his combos he could outpoint him even hurt him. But he must be cautious and smart. But he has that exciting extremely bad habit of when he gets hurt trying to go down swinging. Very bad. But if Nog still has anything left he could do this. I hope he does. Id love Nog vs Lesnar, Overeem or Werdum or Barnett again because if he won hed still be able to compete at a high level. People wanna bash Fedors skinny resume when talking about him being the best ever bit never say whos better. Big Nog is the only one with a chance. It goes Fedor and Big Nog the 2 greatest heavyweights of all time like boxing Ali and Louis. Then theirs a decent drop off til #3 with cro cop and even in boxing George Foreman. Then theirs a huge drop off to the rest. Hes fought the toughest schedule of any MMA FIGHTER in his last 10 fights. Herring is the worse he fought but he was more relevant at heavyweight then serra or hardy for longer. GSP fought him twice in his last 10 and hardy and GSP is the only one whos schedule of their last 10 even come close.

I love the Nog brothers. Big Nog will forever be an All Time Great in MMA like Ali and Lewis. I really hope they pull it off at 140! They both can do Its their last chance to be relevant and after Fedor, Wandy, Cro Cop, BJ, Chuck and Randy have fallen recently i hope these two arent next for just a few more rememorable epic sucessful memories!

What do your guys think? Will 2 Legends tales come to an end December 10th, or will a Nog brother or both come out victorious in epic fashion to survive and fight again?
11/23/11 9:05:09AM
It just may be for either lil nog or tito

Big nog. Depends how it ends!!

I doubt both guys lose that night.
11/23/11 10:47:32AM
Man i'm pretty sure you decreased the value of the word epic as many times as you used it.
11/23/11 10:55:16AM
I see both Nog brothers losing unfortunately.
11/23/11 11:32:45AM
i see Tito beating Lil Nog. im leaning towards Mir but my heart tells me no
11/23/11 11:45:59AM
I'm neutral when it comes to Lil Nog, but if he loses to Ortiz, I won't be a fan. I'm tired of seeing Ortiz's face in the UFC.
11/23/11 1:24:11PM

Posted by Budgellism

I see both Nog brothers losing.

11/23/11 3:39:04PM
I'll be there live, rooting for both of them

With that said, I picked Tito and Mir
11/24/11 12:47:05AM
I was so drunk and high I forgot even writing this hahaha. I think Lil Nog definitely could beat Tito, surprised so many are picking tito to be honest. Nog has stuffed Davis and Bader who are younger stronger wrestlers then Tito, I think Nog will pick him apart. I think that will be a crazy epic fight.

Praying for Big Nog tho, nothing would please me more then to see him bounce Mirs head off the canvas like Schuabs!
11/24/11 6:30:32PM
I cant bare to watch Big Nog get ktfo again, if he does I'd like to see him retire.

If Lil Nog loses to Tito, his career is also jeopardy, theres a possibility he gets cut.

I dont think Big Nog will get finished by Mir again so I think he keeps fighting.
11/25/11 6:49:46PM
i think tito outworks and beats lil nog
but i think big nog might possibily have enough to beat mir this time, he looked good against schaub and mir wasn't too impressive against nelson
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