ufc 139 main event will indeed be belfort vs le

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9/11/11 7:35:02PM
Ufc will make it official probably tommorrow tues latest

I was hoping machida vs davis

I don't know if cung le will sell a pay per view event
The card is still solid.
Plus one more main card slot open
My guess is for a fitch fight. Or. Ufc may give it to Kos
For helping them fill in for injured sanchez

Kos may still fight at middleweight at 139.
Right now the only name that jumps out for fitch to fight is

I am going live. I don't mind so much a belfort vs LE main event
But what happens if one of them gets injured??

Back up plan may just be loser of stann/sonnen jumping in
9/11/11 8:49:51PM
Just don't think Belfort/Le suits the main event position. Co-main would be perfect.
9/11/11 11:03:53PM
Im pissed, now I have to drive another 5 hours to Anaheim for the Valasquez Dos Santos card. Not only that, now I have to drag my family along becasue, "oh we can go now, Disneyland is right down the street."
9/11/11 11:14:51PM
I just don't think Le has it in him to beat Vitor. Don't like this matchup.
9/12/11 2:30:40AM
Think of the ufc fans. You go from velasquez title fight in his own backyard to a
Cung le vs vitor main event
A lot of fans are pissed off reading from the fight club forum
I don't blame them
Besides three consective pay per views that will be non title as well
When you have 7 champions
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