ufc 138 predictions sotn? kotn?fotn?

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11/1/11 7:44:47PM
Huge blow today with yet another exciting fight off the card
With this and hathaway vs brown scratch
On paper this maybe one of the worst cards ever
Do the ufc fans deserve this freebie??

Fight of the night

I will go with leban vs munoz. Should be a good fight. I wouldn't be suprised if it goes 5 rounds

Knockout of night

I will go with alves knocking papi out

Sub of night

I will go with terry etim by say a rear naked choke


If any if perosh beats diabatte
11/1/11 10:09:56PM
FOTN: Munoz vs. Leben
SOTN: Etim
KOTN: Munoz
Upset: Abedi beats Alvez
11/1/11 11:30:13PM
FOTN: Barao/Pickett
KOTN: Cyrille
SOTN: Etim

Lost a potential FOTN in Njo/Taylor.
11/2/11 9:08:59AM
FOTN: Pickett vs. BarĂ£o
SOTN: None
KOTN: Alves
UPSET: Mills over Cope (if you want to call it an upset, I guess)
11/2/11 9:36:59AM
FOTN: Munoz vs. Leben (5 round zombie thriller)
SOTN: Etim (by early anything)
KOTN: Diabate
Upset: Papy over Alves
11/2/11 10:24:46AM
Mills vs cope is the hardest pick for me on the card
Probably won't pick that one till friday
11/2/11 7:45:27PM
this isnt the worst card ever. its a young talent showcase! & i for one am pumped to watch prelims at 1:30 ona Saturday afternoon

FOTN: Pickett vs Barao
SOTN: Etim
KOTN: Alves
Upset: Perosh
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