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10/2/11 4:47:16AM
UFC on 137 on October 28th:

Francis Carmont vs. Chris Camozzi
Brandon Vera vs. Eliot Marshall
Ramsey Nijem vs. Daniel Downes
Bart Palaszewski vs. Tyson Griffin
Hatsu Hioki vs. George Roop
Donald Cerrone vs. Dennis Siver
Jeff Curran vs. Scott Jorgensen
Matt Mitrione vs. Cheick Kongo
Roy Nelson vs. Cro Cop
BJ Penn vs. Nick Diaz
George St. Pierre vs. Carlos Condit

Here are the rules:

1) 2 week avatar bet (until UFC on FOX 1)
2a) Everyone who signs up will be paired based on post count
-The top 2 post totals will face each other
-Everyone in the middle will continue being paired against the closest post total
-The bottom 2 post totals will face each other
-If there is an odd number of participants, the lowest post total is DQ'd. Sorry :(
2b) If two PG'ers want to face each other and not let post count determine it just post in the thread. Decide through PM and let me know or challenge someone in this thread.
3) Point total determines the winner. If tied, pick% breaks the tie. If still tied, wager earnings is the final tiebreaker.
4) If you played last event, you will not get the same opponent unless you request it (I'll PM to check if it ends up that way)

Avatar bets on one fight are boring to me so doing it on an entire card gives a lot more to root for as it could come down to the main event 12 fights later.

The DEADLINE for signup is by 11PM Thursday night, October 26th.

You are trying to beat your opponents total points for the event. Unless you challenge or are challenged and all is accepted, your opponent that could be giving you an av, or you giving them an av, you won't know until the day before the event!

Obviously nothing against site rules can be used.

I'll edit the list as people sign up, and keep in mind you are free to challenge someone on the list, multiple people on the list (to see who responds back first) or someone who hasn't posted in the thread (I'd post the challenge, then PM them the link), however they do have the option to decline in which case you'll be paired against the poster closest to you in total posts.

Game on and good luck!

I'll update the participants as they sign up:

1) Kpro
2) Drudinh
3) Pookie
4) jjeans
5) BeeR
6) SpiderSilva
7) ncordless
10/2/11 5:04:49AM
gimme another try
10/2/11 5:18:31AM
Oh yeah. I''m in it to win it. I will give you all hot chick avatars.
10/2/11 7:11:53AM
Why not
10/2/11 8:04:58AM
Im in.
10/3/11 2:32:20PM
Im in
10/3/11 4:13:54PM
6 in and still 3 weeks to sign up! What have you got to lose?
10/9/11 2:41:38AM
137 is now the next event, sign up now!
10/9/11 3:06:03AM
I'm in
10/28/11 6:30:37AM
Since there is an odd number, I will bow out so that those that wanted to participate can.

Pookie vs. ncordless
SpiderSilva vs. jjeans
Drudinh vs. BeeR

I'll send out PM's to be sure no one is involved in another avatar bet for this event as this game got buried 3 pages deep.
10/30/11 7:47:12PM
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11/3/11 3:13:19AM
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