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10/29/11 11:26:51PM
Good round for both BJ won the round and Diaz made him work.
10/29/11 11:27:32PM
Beej 1-0
10/29/11 11:28:08PM
Nick R1. BJ didn't do anything with his top position. Nick landed cleaner on the feet.
10/29/11 11:32:29PM
Great fight! Penn is done. Gassed like crazy
10/29/11 11:32:51PM
I guess it's a good thing that BJ didn't agree to 5 rounds. Looks like he should've negotiated down to 1 instead.
10/29/11 11:33:11PM
Missed the first minute of R2, but Nick had the last 4 minutes 10-8.
10/29/11 11:33:12PM
1 round each IMO
10/29/11 11:34:34PM

Posted by Aether

1 round each IMO

Beej is no Prodigy in the cardio department.
10/29/11 11:38:42PM
Fight of the night for sure
10/29/11 11:39:55PM
BJ should have used his wrestling more.
10/29/11 11:40:18PM
29-27 Diaz
10/29/11 11:40:33PM
I badly needed that 22 points at least I have a somewhat decent point total now.
10/29/11 11:42:00PM
Tell you what, BJ came out damn strong in the 3rd. Hell of a fight.

and another 22 points for me

Puts me at 10-1 with and 99 points if my math doesn't fail me. Also took in over $65k in earnings.
10/29/11 11:42:13PM
That ruined my night I thought BJ would be able to take him down.
10/29/11 11:43:40PM
What, a correct hot bout for me? And just hit my parlay? No way.

10/29/11 11:43:57PM
Wow Cro Cop and Penn retire on the same night. Crazy.
10/29/11 11:44:09PM

Posted by sbulldavid

That ruined my night I thought BJ would be able to take him down.

Well I think he could have just didn't put the effort in it like he did in the Fitch fight.
10/29/11 11:44:53PM
Fantastic fight and a crappy ending pick wise to a crappy event for me.
10/29/11 11:45:50PM
I hit my parlay but ate shit on points. I think somewhere around 55 points?

Results have been entered...waiting for the numbers to be ran.
10/29/11 11:47:16PM
Guess Fitch will just have to rematch Penn in UFC Undisputed 3
10/30/11 12:43:06AM
Woulda had 98 points if bj won Still ended up with 76 points and hit a $200k parlay. Not the best event for picks but did good on wagers
10/30/11 6:49:40AM
Sorry couldnt update the picks, power in the northeast was coming on and off because of the snow storm. Should have stuck with Kongo
10/30/11 3:52:15PM
I had an ok event, went 3-3 on the prelims but managed 5-0 on the main card including maximum points on the HB which saved me, also hit a big parlay, up about 50K on the wagers, and scored 67 pts.
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