ufc 135 predictions sotn? kotn? fotn?

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9/21/11 11:17:21PM
Been a long day work then flew to denver
First of three planned ufc trips this fall and worst card of all three

Fight of the night

I will go with gomi vs diaz. Interesting matchup don't know if diaz will stand and trade or pull gomi to the ground and go for subs

Sub of the night

Will go with ben rothwell subbing hunt out with my guess a kimura
Another interesting fight


Will go with browne again by ko.


Don't count hughes out. May be his last fight I am glad I will be there live to witness it

Pay per view rates??

My guess is around 450k.

Enjoy the fights. Main event I really don't mind who wins
Jones vs evans I am looking forward too

And a rampage upset would be just as good

Amazingly enough will be 6th time seeing rampage fight live !!
With a loss he will even his record 3-3
9/21/11 11:28:45PM
FOTN: Jones/Rampage
KOTN: Browne
SOTN: Romero
9/21/11 11:33:19PM
FOTN- gomi/diaz or hughes/koscheck
SOTN- diaz?
KOTN- Jones/Rampage winner????
Upset of the night- hughes or rampage if they win, i got a slice on broughton though so who knows???
9/22/11 5:09:27AM
FOTN: Gomi/Diaz
KOTN: Te Huna
SOTN: Diaz

Upset. Broughton

9/22/11 9:10:45AM
FOTN: Hughes and Kos
SOTN: Hughes
KOTN: Jones
9/22/11 9:20:26AM
FOTN - Gomi vs. Diaz
SOTN - Rothwell
KOTN - Jones
9/22/11 12:32:23PM

Posted by tattflash

Upset. Broughton

I'd be shocked to see that.
9/22/11 2:42:58PM
FOTN: Jackson vs Jones
SOTN: Assuncao
KOTN: Browne
9/22/11 4:10:59PM
KO of the Night: Kos vs Hughes will be brutal, so will Rampage over Bones

Sub of the Night: Diaz over Gomi is a given I think

Fight of the Night: Rampage vs Jones or Gomi vs Diaz

Upset: Rampage

Kinda disappointing card thought it had lots of potential, too bad kid vs page fell through. Main card should be sweet though.
9/23/11 7:19:43AM

Posted bt Twenty20Dollars

I'd be shocked to see that.

Prepare to be shocked. He has a better chance than Hughes and Rampage imo and according to the bookies on Bodog and Gamblers Palace
9/23/11 8:12:31AM

Posted by tattflash

Upset. Broughton

How do you see this happening?

(Because I cannot grasp how someone could come to this conclusion)
9/24/11 3:07:31PM
UFC 135 is ending September with a bang! HUGE match ups & solid fighters all around. I stared at my computer for an hour when I was choosing my bets for this event because every fight is such a toss up! Its the same deal when it comes to the Fight bonuses! Who do you think takes home the big bucks tonight boys??? CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!! aaaaaAAAAAAAAAAWOOOOOO (rampage howl) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FOTN - Diaz vs Gomi (no clue who wins it but fireworks are guaranteed)

SOTN - Nick Ring

KOTN - Mark Hunt
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