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9/20/11 3:36:05PM
Anyone else having problems with making picks for UFC 135? When I try there is nothing on the page but a reminder that it locks in a few days.
Edit it just popped up for me so I guess it's working now?
9/20/11 3:41:09PM
It's just been a little slow to load when I've gone on there. It should be ok.
9/20/11 11:42:27PM
Worked great for me, no troubles
9/21/11 9:42:06AM
Sometimes I get that, if you just refresh the page that normally fixes the problem.
9/21/11 11:32:47AM
Yeah it's slow for this event... you have to wait like 30 seconds for the page to load.
9/21/11 11:35:34AM
DoTheMMAth has been working on things "behind the scenes" in terms of programming and whatnot. I'm guessing this issue will be resolved as soon as possible.

Thanks for your patience, guys.
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