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8/7/11 11:53:02AM
Hope I am not bugging anyone with my updates, haha.

UFC 133 full post fight press conference is up, in three parts
UFC 133 Q&A (full) with Chael Sonnen uploaded
Lost of post fight interviews, more being added

A nice follow up to a good night of fights. Enjoy!

Edit: Alright, we've got a grip of videos up. I am editing this post because I notice that on Sundays, no news comes out. The clips from interviews are just reported as news. So.... Go watch the videos. The video titled UFC 133-Dana White has spawned two articles on Junkie alone based on what Dana said.

I am sure many of you are aware of this fact already. Just putting it out there for those who aren't. Happy Sunday, fellow fanatics!

Edit Again: removed the UFC 133 post fight conference that was in three parts. Found the whole thing in one, full and uncensored video. Better quality audio and video!
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