ufc 133 main event?? any guesses

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4/21/11 11:30:23AM
With brazil getting booked
With silva vs okami
And aldo vs ??

July has faber vs cruz for bantam

Aug in philly is a mystery

Won't be for lightheavy nor heavy belt
And u can rule out welter,bantam and feather

Unless homminck wins. And faces mendes in aug
If aldo wins he is a lock fro brazil card

So who fights in philly??
Fitch is out.
And rule out anyone is may/june
They will annouce main event and sell tickets before ufc 130

I do see koscheck on the card
U could easily add diego as well
Hardy vs lytle makes sense
But main event??

If I was to guess right now. A rich franklin vs machida may happen

Or if shields pulls off the upset. A shields vs penn could happen

Penn could still be in main event as well against a koscheck

It will be interesting what takes place!!

4/21/11 2:02:42PM
Dont see GSP on the card if he wins, but maybe Shields.

Could see Aldo/Homonick vs Mendes, if they are all healthy. Other than those two, there prolly wont be a title fight for this card.
4/22/11 7:37:43PM
May just be the franklin vs lil nog matchup

I would not be suprised if they do aldo vs mendes as main event and not on brazil card
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