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6/7/11 11:41:57AM
Another ufc card is here. Third in a row which is good
This card took some hits, injury bug came and a lot of the matches were affected
Off the top of my head. Lesnar,danzig,yahya,mcgee,perosh, now igor,


Fight of the night. Kind of hard to predict.
I will go with ken flo vs diego nunes
With mendes fighting in aug and in sept aldo will be ready. Their is a strong possiblity that the winner or more say if kenflo wins he will get aldo next

Ko of the night

Either man carwin or dos santos knocking the other out will get it

Sub of night

Soszynski will make catch massenzio in probably a kimura or something

I really don't see hardly any subs on this card


Look out for james head. He beat the beast gerald harris his last fight
And ring should have lost against fukuda.

6/7/11 11:53:32AM
KOTN: Dave Herman
SOTN: Junior dos Santos (for sh*ts and giggles!)
FOTN: Florian/Nunes
6/7/11 12:19:02PM
FOTN: Maia vs. Munoz
SOTN: Soszynski by Kimura
KOTN: Beltran

6/7/11 1:49:09PM
FOTN: Nunes/Florian
KOTN: Munoz, but I could see some others like JDS/Carwin & Pee Wee
SOTN: Poirier, but could see Rosa and Cerrone, I have them picked for subs.

No real upsets.
6/7/11 1:50:00PM
FOTN - Stout vs. Edwards
SOTN - Soszynski
6/7/11 3:41:31PM
Knockout Of The Night: Junior Dos Santos
Submission Of The Night: Dustin Poeireier
Fight Of The Night: Stout vs. Edwards
Upset Of The Night: ?
6/8/11 1:36:50AM
FOTN: Stout v Edwards
KOTN: Sosynzki
SOTN: Cerrone
6/8/11 1:53:36AM
I'll do Prelim & PPV because usually the awards go to main card fights anyways unless they were trash.

KO of the Night...

Prelims: Krystoff over Massenzio
PPV: Dos Santos over Carwins

Submission of the Night...

Prelims: James Head over Nick Ring
PPV: Maia over Munoz
-Munoz has crazy GNP power, but I think he swings a little to wild, Maia should catch one of them for the armbar.

Fight of the Night...

Prelims: Yves Edwards vs Sam Stout = 15 fireworks
PPV: Cowboy vs Vagner, hard not to choose a Cowboy fight, their always ridiculously awesome.
6/8/11 2:00:07AM
FOTN: Nunes vs Florian
SOTN: Maia vs Munoz
KOTN: Either Herman or winner of Carwin vs JDS
UOTN: Rocha over Cerrone (if it happens)
6/8/11 2:15:22AM
Out of the 12 fights. i have 6 subs and 4 tko's, if im right makes for a very exciting card.

FOTN Stout v Edwards
6/8/11 3:04:31PM
SOTN: Florian
FOTN: Stout vs Edwards
UOTN: Munoz
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