UFC 130 Avatar bet takers?

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5/10/11 1:14:55PM
Now that Gray Maynards out of UFC 130 my other choices for avatar bets are all pretty solid favourites... But we'll see if anybodies up for these.

I want Rampage
I'm confident Tibau will beat Bart.
And I feel Alves/Story will be Alves'

If nobody wants these.... The week before the event I'll be going out futher, ill be willing to take Demetrious Johnson over Miguel Torres with emfleek if he's willing

Hopefully someone can take one of those 3 though... My prefered pick would be someone choosing Matt Hamill
5/10/11 7:37:33PM
I'll take Story, if no one else wants any of the others.
5/11/11 11:41:39AM
Doesn't look like anybody else doesn't Plus I need some revenge since the Morecraft/McCorkle loss
5/11/11 1:33:18PM
Haha, alrighty.
5/27/11 4:40:52PM
Tried to set this up a few times, Oh well. Gentlemens wager of PMing picture untill after TUF 13 finale?
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