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5/28/11 11:35:39PM
Yeah good event in my eyes went 6-4 i think damn Alves killed my Boestch Mir Alves Parley. I only put him in caus eI figured he was a very safe pick. oh well only droped 500 on that. I really saw the value in Tim and put a little coin on him in real money no lets see if this dude is up to pay.
5/28/11 11:46:40PM
I nailed my parlay of Barao->Mighty Mouse-> Browne. First one I've hit in a while. I think I went 7-3 with 59 points.

Not horrible but not great by any means.
5/29/11 12:38:01AM
I hit 59 points as well. Tough card to pick.
5/29/11 12:53:36AM
The event was 7 out of 10 for me. Had some decent fights but could've been better.
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