UFC 127: The Losers Aftermath

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2/27/11 6:16:52AM
Now that UFC 127 is in the books it's once again time to predict what happens next to the losers last night, whether they stay or go. Here are my predictions, obviously Penn-Fitch is excluded because of the Draw:
Maciej Jewtuszko-Gone. First career loss comes in a boring decision loss that probably wasn't as close as the scorecards indicated.
Chris Tuchscherer-Gone. 1-3 in UFC means he's gotta try and earn his way back.
Jason Reinhardt-Gone. His UFC career likely lasted a grand total of 122 seconds (Joe Lauzon beat him a few years back). Good comeback story for first fight in 3 years but he's just not UFC stuff, it seems.
Tom Blackledge-Push. Only real chance to stick around is another Australia event.
Riki Fukuda-Safe. Based on Dana's reaction to the judges' decision, he could get another chance, maybe when UFC goes to Japan or another international event.
James Te Huna-Push. Same as Blackledge.
Spencer Fisher-Gone. Forget the 9-6 career UFC mark for a moment, he's in a 1-3 skid and, perhaps the telling stat, how many fights he's finished since the start of 2007-ONE. The rest have been decisions. Post-merger, that's not going to do it. Could be an unpopular cut.
Chris Camozzi-Push. Still a winning mark in UFC but a quick tapout loss is never good.
Chris Lytle-Safe. About the only thing he's lost is his hopes of a title shot (and maybe a winning career record in UFC) before he retires.
George Sotiropoulos-Safe. Like Lytle, all he's lost-for now-is a title shot.
Jorge Rivera-Safe. Back to likely a UFN headlining fight or PPV prelim.
As for Penn-Fitch, I think the obvious prediction in a draw like this is rematch. But obviously Fitch now may have to wait a bit longer for that promised title shot.
2/27/11 11:07:24AM
Yeah, I was wondering that last night about Jason R, thinking he prolly has the shortest time spent in the UFC with two fights. But yeah, he's gone.
2/27/11 1:54:21PM
I agree with all of them. Good read, DC.
2/27/11 2:33:46PM
Agree to all. Great post.
2/27/11 4:14:24PM
Maciej and Fisher will get another shot as they were both coming off wins before their lost yesterday.
2/27/11 4:39:25PM
I agree to all.
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