UFC 127 Danavlog #1: ‘TUF 13' Set Already Destroyed, Everybody Takes Fitch by Decision

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2/24/11 4:36:47PM
Dana White’s latest UFC video blog is out, and it reveals the following:

- Somebody (not saying who) has already punched a hole into one of the walls on the TUF 13 set. Junior Dos Santos predicts Michael Bisping will defeat Jorge Rivera at UFC 127, and Jon Fitch will beat BJ Penn by decision. No surprises there.

- Brock Lesnar picks Jorge Rivera via ground-and-pound, but agrees that Jon Fitch will win by decision. (“Gotta stick with the wrassler,” he says.) Dana White sitting next to Brock Lesnar on a couch looks like a little bald child sitting next his big mean dad.

- Anthony Kiedis, my God. I’d like to take a time machine back to 1990 and confront a “Knock Me Down”-era Kiedis with footage that this is how he will look and carry himself when he’s 48 years old. Just the idea that he would be alive that long would probably freak him out, but one look at that mustache/pony-tail combo would send him into a tailspin of drug use and depression, possibly ending in suicide. Then, I would replace him as lead singer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers just in time for the band’s greatest period of commercial success. And that’s what I would do if I had a time machine.

2/24/11 4:51:10PM
I'm taking BJ Penn by submission. Bisping by (T)KO.
2/24/11 5:02:02PM
I have both Fitch and Bisping by decision.
2/24/11 6:46:49PM
Fitch 13-1 record can't go against that

Got bisping. But a mad bisping may take out rivera early
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