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POLL: Which fight seems like it shouldnt be a main event if it happened?
BJ Penn vs Jon Fitch 2 8% (1)
Shogun Rua vs Forrest Griffin 2 0% (0)
Josh Koscheck vs Matt Hughes 54% (7)
Rampage Jackson vs Lyoto Machida 2 0% (0)
Rashad Evans vs Thiago Silva 2 23% (3)
Fedor vs 15% (2)
2/27/11 7:23:10PM
In this video, we see what Dana saw last night, and 2 nights ago at the UFC 127 weigh ins and more. In this video, I want you guys to take a look at Bisping and Riveras smack talk at the weigh in. I find it hilarious. Am I the only one who gave this PPV a 9/10? I thought it was very entertaining. Except for the Main Event. Both BJ and Fitch didnt really step their game.


SIDE NOTE : Any thoughts on UFC 128? Predictions?

And if you think Jones will lose, tell me what weakness and what Shogun has that Jones doesnt. And do the same if you think Shogun will lose. It will be one hell of a war. I want to see 5 rounds of just slugging and kicking. Hopefully these fighters brought their A-Game.
2/27/11 7:25:39PM
Above, It was supposed to be Fedor vs Anyone. IMO, I dont think hes a main eventer, except during a title defense.
2/27/11 7:41:33PM
I'd agree with your rating of a 9/10 for this show!
2/27/11 8:11:03PM
I think Jones takes Shogun in the later rounds probably via some form of choke. I feel like a long layoff always hurts Shogun.......On that note I also believe that if Shogun rocks Jones the fight is over Shogun is a murderer if he rocks you he wins!!!!
3/11/11 11:34:33PM
Jones vs Shogun in 1 week.
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