ufc 126 predictions, sotn? kotn?fotn?

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1/30/11 10:03:38PM
super sat is here!!!!!!
great huge huge card
cant wait this and first damm superbowl sunday i have had off in ten years
great weekend

fight of the night

i am gonna say antonio buentelos and miguel torres is gonna be a great fight

knock out of the night

i will go with jake ellenburger catching la rocha with something

sub of the night

i think the cowboy will go in their make a statement and then call out cole miller


if any bader may try to out wrestle jones
or buentelos steals a decision
1/30/11 10:35:33PM
FOTN: I think Griffin/Franklin is a lock for that.
KOTN: I like Ellenberger's power for the tko, or Vitor hopefully.
SOTN: Only sub I have is Cerrone and well he likes to throw leather.

Upset: Bader and hopefully Vitor, possibly Mighty Mouse.
1/30/11 11:55:39PM
FOTN: Paul Taylor vs Gabe Ruediger
SOTN: Cerrone over Kelly
KOTN: Franklin over Griffin....though many in the running for this.

Upset: Mighty Mouse over Kid.
1/31/11 12:11:10AM
KOTN: Kelly over Cerrone
SOTN: Mighty Mouse over Kid
FOTN: Gabe Ruediver vs. The Weight Scale

I like to live dangerously!
1/31/11 1:21:20AM
Knockout - Jones
Submission - Cerrone
Fight: Franklin vs. Griffin
Upsets - Ruediger & Mighty Mouse
1/31/11 7:44:22AM
KOOTN: Spider Silva
FOTN: Cerrone/Kelly
UOTN: Might Mouse!
1/31/11 10:23:17AM
Mighty mouse could beat the kid
It's just which kid will show up to fight ???
1/31/11 12:59:23PM
Hard to guess a clear winner. More than half the fights could go either way. Just shows how packed this card is with talent. Can't wait!

Fight Of The Night:

Griffin vs. Franklin or Taylor vs. Ruediger

Knockout Of The Night:

Yamamoto over Johnson

Submission Of The Night:

Rocha over Ellenberger

Upset Of The Night:

Bader over Jones or Belfort over Silva

1/31/11 1:37:04PM
SOTN: Cowboy
KOTN: Vitor or Kid
FOTN: Bader/Jones
1/31/11 5:11:08PM
KOTN Yamamoto
SOTN Torres
FOTN Mendes v Omigawa
UOTN Belfort wrestles his way to a UD
1/31/11 5:28:55PM
FOTN: Griffin vs. Franklin
Upset & SOTN: Rocha
KOTN: Silva
1/31/11 6:25:29PM

Posted by prozacnation1978

or buentelos steals a decision

Is that a cross between Paul Buentello and Antonio Banuelos?
2/1/11 3:56:25PM
SOTN- Torres over Banuelos

KOTN- Jones over Bader

FOTN- Griffin vs Franklin

Upset- possibly Belfort
2/1/11 4:30:07PM
SOTN: Anderson Silva
KOTN: Rich Franklin
FOTN: Donald Cerrone vs. Paul Kelly
UOTN: Gabe Ruediger
2/1/11 5:53:00PM
UTON and SOTN Gabe Ruediger (although i dnt think its an upset really....)
KOTN Spider Silva!
FOTN i actually think they will give the entire card this or most.....
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