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2/5/11 11:07:52AM

Just looking at the picks, Griffin/Franklin is closer in % picks but Kingsbury/Romero is still the Hot bout, How come?
2/10/11 2:36:31AM
Ive noticed the same for UFC 127, Penn v Fitch is 53-47. the Blackledge v Perosh fight is 52-48 but is still not the hot bout. This used to change when the picks changed, but at the moment once the Hot Bout is set it stays the same.
2/10/11 11:14:09AM
There's something wrong with the hot bout system in general that didnt get fixed with the patch. Ive been saying it for a while.

Just look at the majority of events in the primary and secondary leagues, they dont even have hot bouts. Example, we're two days out from Fedor vs Silva and still no hot bout.
2/11/11 11:17:27AM
I will pass it on to the programmer. thanks guys.
2/22/11 1:57:03PM
This is all stuff related to some of the statistical programming that we were unable to salvage from our backups during the crash. We have to keep re-creating bits of programming/db functionality every time we come across them. Apologies for the confusion.
3/2/11 1:09:50AM
ok, they say its fixed
3/2/11 1:14:31AM
Thanks for the update mate.
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