UFC 126 was easy pickins...

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2/6/11 3:39:31PM
Holy Cow, i scored 76 and was ranked #201. Normally a high 70's is enough to get you at the very least a top 30.

It seems, like this event was easy pickings, any stats on how many people guessed all bouts correctly...because that rarely happens...and I think quite a few did it this time.
2/6/11 3:53:13PM
I had 53 points and managed 1719 . ha

Looking at the top scores most of them are tied or only a few poinst apart. There's even five members with a tie of 92 points, and another right behind with 91.
2/6/11 5:07:13PM
looking at the stats of who everyone thought was gonna win, the fights pretty much went that exact way. i though the card was pretty easy to call as well
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