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1/1/11 4:25:41PM
We're underway!
TV fights begin at 9 PM ET, PPV begins at 10 PM ET. TV fights air in the US on ION Television (Note: If you have a local broadcast channel that was a PAX TV affiliate, and virtually everyone does, that's the ION channel).
Jakob Volkmann beat Antonio McKee by split decision, 29-28 Volkmann, 29-28 McKee, 29-28 Volkmann.
Daniel Roberts beat Greg Soto by submission (kimura) at 3:45 of round 1.
Diego Nunes beat Mike Brown by split decision, 29-28 Nunes, 29-28 Brown, 29-28 Nunes.
TV fights:
Phil Baroni beat Brad Tavares by KO at 4:20 of round 1.
Josh Grispi vs. Dustin Poirier
Marcus Davis vs. Jeremy Stephens
Clay Guida vs. Takanori Gomi
Dong Hyun Kim vs. Nate Diaz
Thiago SIlva vs. Brandon Vera
Chris Leben vs. Brian Stann
UFC Lightweight Champion Frank Edgar vs. Gray Maynard for the title

Post-fight presser is scheduled to begin at 1:15 AM ET, live streaming via the usual outlets.

Update: FIrst fight now expected to begin at 7:40 PM ET.
1/1/11 4:50:33PM
I bet the 3 prelims go over the 1hr time slot.
1/1/11 5:16:36PM
If even 2 of them go to decisions (and maybe if just one does), definitely. You figure such a fight from start to finish, entrances and post-fight stuff included, usually goes a good 20-25 minutes, and even if that other fight ended in a quick KO it still takes at least 10 minutes of TV time.
1/1/11 7:26:43PM
Id be very surprised if the 3 tv fights all go to decisions.
1/1/11 7:31:57PM
late start.........
1/1/11 7:32:37PM
As usual, it seems now, we're starting late. No word yet on when exactly the first fight will start, but it'll probably be McKee-Volkmann.
Tonight would be a good night to have multiple TVs/PIP between UFC, BCS Bowls and the Winter Classic all coming up.

Update: First fight start ET-7:40 PM ET.

Update 2: First fight will start at about that time. Fighters now headed to cage.
1/1/11 7:47:52PM
I hope they show McKee and Christmas later. I like the technical battles.
1/1/11 7:49:05PM
We're underway.
1/1/11 7:50:41PM
Round 1 - Referee Steve Mazzagatti oversees the evening's first fight. Volkmann moves forward in a side-to-side fashion. McKee misses a few early lead right hooks. Traded punches, and MKee lands flush. Straight left for McKee as Volkmann tries to rush in for a takedown. McKee backs away and side-kicks to the body. Volkmann moving forward, but McKee countering well. McKee shots in, but Volkmann stands him up. Stalemate, and the break. McKee shoots in again. He drives Volkmann to a knee and delivers a left hand to the face. Neither fighter gains an advantage in the clinch, and they break. Halfway in. Volkmann drops for a double. He ties up the knees and puts McKee on his back. Half-mount for Volkmann. McKee crosses his legs to prevent a pass. As Volkmann tries to transition, McKee sweeps to top, and they stand. Very slow pace so far. McKee drives a knee to the body while he presses against the cage. Volkmann circles off and tries to change levels, to no avail. Less than a mnute. McKee lands a straight left. They circle to end the round. MMAjunkie.com gives the first to Volkmann, 10-9, based on the one takedown, though there was very little to score.

MMAjunkie - 10-9 - Volkmann
Sherdog - 10-9 - Volkmann
MMAweekly - 10-9 - McKee
1/1/11 7:55:04PM
I bought into Mckee's wrestling pedigree even though Volkmann is a great wrestler himself.
1/1/11 8:01:39PM
Round 2 - Traded punches to start. McKee lands a nice right hand in a two-punch combo. Volkmann telegraphs a shot and gets caught with a punch. McKee shoots from distance, but Volkmann sprawls out well and slips around to north-south. He continue to spin until he gets a rear half-mount. Volkmann steps over with the left leg and has both hooks. He rolls to his own back and holds McKee in front. He wraps the right arm around the chin for the rear-naked choke. McKee does a good job of keeping his chine ticked. Volkmann releases, and McKee looks to control the wrists in defense. Volkmann puts the right arm around the chin again. McKee's chin tight to his chest as Volkmann tries to adjust. Volkmann switches to the left and back to the right. McKee throws a few punches behind him. The left hand punches land to Volkmann's face, but he's not moving. McKee looking up at the monitors to locate Volkmann's head while he fires punches. McKee spins into Volkmann's guard in the final seconds, and the round ends there. MMAjunkie.com gives the round to Volkmann, 10-9.

MMAjunkie- 10-9 - Volkmann
Sherdog - 10-9 - Volkmann
MMAweekly - 10-9 - Volkmann
1/1/11 8:03:47PM
so much for mckee getting that title by end of 2011.
1/1/11 8:04:04PM
Why do I switch my bets
1/1/11 8:04:22PM
Volkmann takes the SD. Got it half-right.
1/1/11 8:07:48PM
Soto v. Roberts next.

I got Ninja because it sounds cooler. Lets hope i dont start out 0-2 tonight
1/1/11 8:10:10PM
That was a huge loss, McKee seemed to be the biggest lock on the card and he never even tried to win the fight. Mckee probably gets cut.
1/1/11 8:10:55PM
I took ninja
1/1/11 8:13:23PM

Posted by sbulldavid

That was a huge loss, McKee seemed to be the biggest lock on the card and he never even tried to win the fight. Mckee probably gets cut.

I think since it was a split they'll give him another shot. But who knows in the ufc these days. I really didnt think Mandingo would get the worse of those wrestling exchanges.
1/1/11 8:14:51PM
Roberts wins in 3:45. Kimura.
1/1/11 8:18:35PM
If someone knows a solid stream, send me a PM please
1/1/11 8:18:56PM
Another nice finish for Ninja Roberts.

1-1 with 5 points.
1/1/11 8:24:58PM
1-1 7 points and one half of my parlay.
1/1/11 8:47:22PM
close fight.
1/1/11 8:50:08PM
SD. Nunes.
1/1/11 8:54:34PM
I bet on Nunes but I picked Brown, I would of rather have had the pick right.
1/1/11 9:01:07PM
I might just start picking split decisions on any close fights I think are going to a decision now.
1/1/11 9:01:17PM
TV fights starting now on Ion. Going immediately to Bruce Buffer for Baroni-Tavares intros.
1/1/11 9:03:15PM
sounded like buffer was on fast forward with those intros
1/1/11 9:04:33PM
props if anyone can pm me a working stream
1/1/11 9:08:21PM

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