UFC 123 main event should be..Rampage/Lyoto or Penn/Hughes?

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POLL: Which should it be?
Jackson/Machida 80% (12)
Penn/Hughes 3 20% (3)
9/14/10 5:50:21PM
Alright, since the 3rd penn/hughes was learned about yesterday, I got to thinking. Early indications are that Rampage/Machida will still be the Main Event...but should they be?

Rampage/Machida: Huge fight, winner moves closer to a title shot, if they dont get one. Two former Champs with abrupt ends to their title reigns after only one defence. Great stylistic match-up, will bring in viewers.

Penn/Hughes 3: We know the history between hughes and penn as well as the outcomes of their first two fights. Two multiple time champions, two legends, two of the most dominaunt CHamps ever, a hall of famer and a future hall of famer. Not many fights get rematches, much less trilogies. THis is a trilogy between legends, and personally I think it's a crtime that THIS (so far) is NOT the main-event.

But that's my thoughts...

9/14/10 6:04:02PM
Machida/Rampage easily ought to be the main event.

If nothing else because it's the higher weight class and has more significant implications.

Normally, I'd said Penn vs. Hughes because of the drawing power of both names. However, given Penn's lackluster performance in his last two fights, I'm not sure that people are ready to "get up" for another one of his fights until they see the Penn that they're used to seeing.

I know several MMA fans, both casual and die hard, that did an "eh" when I told them that Penn was fighting again. Their response when I said it was against Hughes didn't even spike above "oh, well, that's cool, I guess." He's just not even looked like he's cared in his last two fights.

It's hard to get excited for a fighter who doesn't get excited himself.

Machida, despite being a "boring" fighter to casual fans early on, has really come around on them with his finishes of Silva and Evans. Rampage is still a crowd pleaser. I just think they could draw more.
9/14/10 6:39:53PM
Rampage/Lyoto for sure. Not only are Rampage and Machida the 2 biggest draws of the 4, but that match is more significant as well. There are very few scenarios that the lighter weights will headline a PPV without a title on the line...the casual fans tend to gravitate towards the LHW and HW bouts as headliners.
9/14/10 9:59:57PM
Penn/Hughes is a great match-up but BJ coming off of b2b losses taints it, as does Hughes not beating a title contender in awhile. Rampage/Lyoto is a great match-up stylistically and has more contender implications.
9/15/10 8:40:10AM
they could have has penn vs hughes in germany main event
but easily page vs machida is main event
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