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11/20/10 6:22:49PM
The show takes place at the The Palace of Auburn Hills in suburban Detroit. Former light-heavyweight champions Quinton "Rampage" Jackson and Lyoto Machida meet in the headliner, and MMA legends Matt Hughes and B.J. Penn meet in a co-headlining rubber match. Official results beginning at approximately 7:20 p.m. ET (4:20 p.m. PT) for the preliminary card and 10 p.m. ET for the main card.


Tyson Griffin vs. Nik Lentz - Nik Lentz via Split Decision, (29-28, 27-30, 29-28)

Paul Kelly vs. T.J. O'Brien - Paul Kelly via 2nd Round TKO (Strikes), 3:16

Edson Barboza vs. Mike Lullo - Edson Barboza via 3rd Round TKO (Leg Kicks), 0:26

Dennis Hallman vs. Karo Parisyan - Dennis Hallman via 1st Round TKO (Strikes), 1:47

PRELIMINARY CARD - Spike TV. @ 9pm Est.

Mark Munoz vs. Aaron Simpson - Mark Munoz via Unanimous Decision, (29-28, 29-28, 29-28

Matt Brown vs. Brian Foster - Brian Foster via 2nd Round Submission (Guillotine Choke), 2:11


Joe Lauzon vs. George Sotiropoulos - George Sotiropoulos via 2nd Round Submission (Kimura), 2:43

Tim Boetsch vs. Phil Davis -Phil Davis via 2nd Round Submission (Kimura),2:55

Maiquel Falco vs. Gerald Harris - Maiquel Falco via Unanimous Decision, (29-27, 29-28, 29-28)

Matt Hughes vs. B.J. Penn - B.J. Penn via 1st Round KO (Punches), 0:21

Quinton Jackson vs. Lyoto Machida - Quinton Jackson via Split Decision, (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)
11/20/10 6:29:13PM
I didnt make any last minute changes.

Have a feeling I will probably do bad on this card.
11/20/10 6:36:25PM
picked some I guess upsets, so it could go very well or very bad. Im confident in my picks, but that usually means it will suck.
11/20/10 6:38:14PM
Only fight I feel good about is Phil Davis and that's it.
11/20/10 6:51:11PM
I feel GREAT about Machida beating Jackson.
11/20/10 7:14:05PM
My night will be perfect if Rampage KO's Machida.
11/20/10 7:23:37PM
Griffin/Lentz up first.

And my right speaker on my laptop seems to be out...great.
11/20/10 7:29:34PM
any thoughts on bj vs. matt 3?
I expect bj to dominate but he's been responsible for some of my biggest losses over the years. he's so good but confusing. Being a giant bj fan i picked him of course but there is a part of me that thinks it'd be a little more interesting if Matt won.
11/20/10 7:29:46PM

Posted by Twenty20Dollars

My night will be perfect if Rampage KO's Machida.

Not gonna happen, sir. Willing to wager on it.
11/20/10 7:32:00PM
Tyson Griffin vs. Nik Lentz

Round 1 - The lightweights get us started. Lentz connects on a body kick and then quickly wrestles his opponent to the mat. Lentz frees a leg and drops short elbows as Griffin tries to keep him close. Griffin gets to his knees, and Lentz goes north-south but can't lock in a choke. Griffin grabs a leg, which allows him to get back standing, and then he overpowers Lentz to the mat. Lentz looks for a guillotine but doesn't have the angle, and he gets back to his feet before Griffin picks up and slams him back down. Lentz, though, is unfazed and quickly hops back to his feet. Griffin presses him against the cage and dips for the takedown. Lentz fends it off and throws ineffective punches to the ribs. Griffin continues working for the takedown at the round's midway point. Griffin finally puts Lentz in the seated position, but he again hops up. Griffin clings to his hips and takes him back down. Lentz back up. The crowd is becoming a bit restless. Griffin locks his arms around the hips again and continues pinning Lentz against the cage. Herb Dean and the crowd wants action. Griffin finally scoops up and dumps Lentz, who's quickly back up. The fighters trade punches and reset. Lentz a nice shot but is countered. Lentz lands a low kick. Griffin swings and takes another leg kick and then another. I want to award it to Lentz, but Griffin controlled the action and gets it 10-9 on the MMAjunkie.com scorecard.

Round 1 -

10-9 Griffin - mmajunkie
10-9 Griffin - sherdog
10-9 Griffin - mmaweekly
11/20/10 7:35:17PM
Hughes needs to follow the edgar plan of mixing strikes with takedowns and just have bj guessing the wrong thing.

Then for BJ, I have taken that one saying dont remember how it exactly goes but its something like with quiting.
11/20/10 7:40:45PM
Round 2 - The fighters take the center of the cage and patiently circle. Lentz goes high with a kick that misses, and the fighters then collide with combos. Both land. Lentz shoots with a single leg and puts Griffin against the cage, but he circles off, and we reset. The crowd wants some action as the fighters circle. Griffin works short punches, but his limited reach isn't helping. He finally knocks Lentz off balance as he throws a kick, but Lentz shows no damage. Griffin just misses a right hook and then is pressed into the cage as Lentz hops on top of him. Griffin quickly is back up and eats a right. Griffin grabs a single leg and looks for the drag-takedown, but Lentz defends from one leg and then locks in a guillotine as Griffin takes him to the mat. Griffin escapes back to his feet, and we restart again. Lentz lands some nice jab-jab-leg-kick combos, and Griffin barely checks a big head kick. Lentz shoots behind a burst of additional punches, but Griffin reverses and takes him to the mat. The action stalls, and the crowd becomes restless as they wait it out on the mat. Lentz works butterfly guard and avoids any damage and puts his back against the cage to get to his feet. Griffin, though, pulls him back down to a seated position, and the pace again slows to a crawl. Lentz tries to get back to his feet with 10 seconds remaining, but Griffin slams him before the horn sounds. In a round much like the first, Griffin edges his fellow wrestler, 10-9.

10-9 Griffin - mmajunkie
10-9 Griffin - sherdog
10-9 Griffin - mmaweekly
11/20/10 7:47:48PM
Round 3 - Lentz opens with a kick and is stunned with a quick right hook. Lentz tries again and is stunned with another hook and head kick. The blows hurt, but Lentz won't deviate from the game plan and moves in again. He shoots, but Griffin gets the upperhand and takes top position when they hit the mat. Lentz nearly secures an armbar as the fighters jockey for position, but Griffin defends. Lentz works butterfly guard again as he's pressed into the cage. Lentz briefly gets to his feet, but Griffin quickly drags him back to the canvas. Lentz goes to a kneeling position and muscles his way back to his feet. Griffin locks in a guillotine and is slammed to the mat, but he doesn't break the hold even as Lentz moves into side control. A bloodied Lentz finally breaks free and works from his dominant top position with elbow strikes. Griffin secures a leg, and Lentz works from half guard. Griffin gets to the seated position, but Lentz grabs an arm and torques it an unorthodox position, and they briefly the mat before standing against the cage. The fighters trade short punches and jockey for position before Lentz gets the final takedown and punches of the fight. MMAjunkie.com scores it 10-9 for Lentz and 29-28 for Griffin.

10-9 Lentz - mmajunkie
10-9 Griffin - sherdog
10-9 Griffin - mmaweekly

Nik Lentz def. Tyson Griffin via split decision (29-28, 27-30, 29-28).

11/20/10 7:49:03PM
Hah pretty sure I had Lentz UD then SD then changed to Griffin UD.

29-28, 27-30, 29-28 Lentz SD
11/20/10 7:49:45PM
"The crowd is shocked by Lentz's split-decision win"
11/20/10 7:52:02PM
Lentz still undefeated in the UFC and that was Griffin's 3rd straight loss.
11/20/10 7:53:32PM
So Griffin is 0-3 since he began ducking Nate Diaz citing that Diaz wasn't high enough up the LW ladder to get a fight with him ? OUCH! Griffin is close to being out of a job. Irony.
11/20/10 7:57:12PM
I'll give you a preview now of my The Losers Aftermath tomorrow-Griffin will have Gone next to his name. Another one who's taken quite a fall lately considering he seemed so close to title contention.
11/20/10 7:58:32PM
Only thing that might save griffin is two of the 3 losses were split decision losses right? Dunham & Lentz. Idk Im going to say he gets cut.
11/20/10 7:59:34PM
I doubt Griffin will get cut. Sounds like it was a bad decision from all of the writeups.
11/20/10 8:00:52PM
Too bad it's not in Nevada, we may not know who the judges were. Although I sense one of them was the man.
11/20/10 8:03:13PM
Kelly TKO's O'Brien in R2. Time coming in a moment.

3:16 R2.
11/20/10 8:03:33PM
noice, I nailed the hot bout. Good start with 22 points.
11/20/10 8:05:46PM
Almost changed to Tellies UD but didnt. Now I'm 0-2...........
11/20/10 8:11:20PM
Don't know how many read the story but I didn't know Kelly had over 800 stitches, a smashed femur, and 13 skin grafts in a motorbike accident as a 12 year old and was told he'd never walk again. Good story, makes me root for him a bit.
11/20/10 8:15:26PM
I got Barboza here.
11/20/10 8:16:17PM

I think pretty much everyone picked Griffin, Barboza, Harris, and Davis.
11/20/10 8:23:36PM
I didn't. Only picked 3 of the 4.

Fun fact Junkie mentioned about Lullo: He's Yahoo Sports MMA blogger Maggie Hendricks' cousin.

Maggie must be bummed. Barboza TKOs Lullo in R3. Leg injury from Barboza leg kicks.
11/20/10 8:28:53PM
by the description of round 2 it didn't sound like the fight would go to a decision.

What was it Cecil Peoples said about leg kicks not ending fights again?
11/20/10 8:29:44PM
I needed that tko finish by barboza.
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