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11/14/10 12:17:57AM
Now that UFC 122 is in the books it's time for one of my favorite post-event happenings: Playing prognosticator and predicting what happens to today's losers. As always my predictions are with regards to their future in UFC-Safe means they probably will or should get at least one more fight. Push means I think it's a tossup, Gone means just that. So as the Germans might say, Hier Gehen Wir...
Kris McCray-Gone. I hate to admit it but since his TUF comeback as the wild card he's turned into a bust. Needs more seasoning before he gets a second chance.
Seth Petruzelli-Gone. Rather odd stat: Career mark outside UFC: 12-2. Career mark in UFC: 0-4. Throw in WEC 1 for the heck of it and he's 0-5. Needs to fight Kimbo again, stat!
Rob Kimmons-Push. He's alternated wins & losses and is now 3-3 in UFC. I'd give him one more chance, it's worth noting his 2 prior losses are to Jorge Rivera & Dan MIller so it's the more established/elite guys he's having trouble with.
Marc Scanlon-Push. Normally I'd say gone but it sounds like his loss was closer than the scores indicated. Could get another fight on a future England event (he's from England).
Alexandre Ferreira-Gone. Don't know what the nickname means and by the time I figure it out he'd be long gone anyways.
Nick Osipczak-Gone. Tough loss today and it's his 2nd SD in his last 3 but it's still 3 L's in a row.
Goran Reljic-Gone. See Osipczak but change 2 SDs to 2 UDs in last 3. All losses.
Peter Sobotta-Gone. Ditto the 2 guys above but all 3 losses have been UDs.
Andre Winner-Gone. One of the best last names in UFC can't overcome the Losing Streak Of Doom. Now 2-3 in UFC including the TUF 9 Finale.
Nate Marquardt-Safe. Even though he's now 1-2 in his last 3, the only thing this cost him is a title shot anytime soon. Chael Sonnen rematch, anyone?

Rivera-Sakara didn't happen due to a Sakara illness, but just for fun...I would've said the same thing for either guy-Safe. The only thing ending either way was a 3-fight winning streak for the loser, but I wouldn't cut either guy. Both would've still had solid winning records although between the two, Rivera definitely would be a little safer as Sakara with a loss would've been 6-5, 1 NC in UFC. Rivera would've been 7-6 in UFC with a loss.
11/14/10 1:09:50AM
Kimbo Slayer--Gone, back to back losses, that were finishes.
Kimmons will get one more shot at 170.
Scanlon--one more shot.
Ferreira--one more shot, but prolly thrown to the wolves for that.
Sobotta--sacrificial lamb was sacrificed, so gone.
Winner hasnt been a winner, so he's a goner.
11/14/10 1:29:16AM
A lot of people lost their jobs tonight

Kimbo killer

Sad too some were a lot of overseas fighters
Especially the loss of the two brits
11/14/10 3:54:07AM
Losers of UFC 122:
Sobotta - gone (never had the showing)
Reljic - gone (hasn't had the showing in over a year)
Kimmons - safe (he's split wins and losses)
Seth P - gone (two huge losses in a row)
Winner - safe (for Europe fights)
Nick - safe (for Europe fights)
McCray - safe (TUF clause)
Nate - safe (great gatekeeper for the elite of the MW div)
Ferreira - safe (first fight/loss)
Scanlon - safe (first fight/loss)

Winners of UFC 122:
Amir: dont care not impressed
Kryz Sos: don't care not impressed
Noke: CB Dolloway could be nice
Vemola: Stephan Bonnar
Siver: someone big I think, maybe Thiago Alves
Ludwig: Spencer Fisher
Rocha: Paulo Thiago
Vladdy: Ortiz rematch would be cool if it weren't for Nog, but I'd say Gustaffson
Krauss: a new name, something for the next European show
11/14/10 5:42:41PM

Losers of UFC 122:

Sobotta - CUT
Reljic - CUT
Kimmons - Probably a lower tier 85'er, but should drop to 170.
Seth P - CUT
Winner - I dont think he gets CUT, so I say he fights a low tier LW (likely a newcomer).
Nick - CUT
McCray - I think he is CUT, but he might get another fight.
Nate - I think he should fight a mid-tier guy, and a wrestler (considering he has had trouble with them). Maybe Gerald Harris if he wins his next fight, or the winner of Munoz/Simpson, or a guy like Sakara.
Ferreira - I think he fights some relative unknown, like Todd Brown.
Scanlon - Probably a guy like DaMarques Johnson

Winners of UFC 122:

Amir: Give him a fight against TJ Grant.
Kryz Sos: Fabio Maldonado
Noke: Tom Lawlor
Vemola: Ricardo Romero
Siver: Winner or Lentz/Griffin
Ludwig: Stay at 170, fight the winner of Matt Brown/Brian Foster
Rocha: Claude Patrick
Vladdy: Jason Brilz
Krauss: David Mitchell
11/18/10 1:35:39PM
It Has Begun. Reports today are that Reljic has been cut.
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