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11/13/10 5:39:50PM
Will Okami actually get the title shot?
11/13/10 5:50:16PM
After the main event they show'd the Rocha, Vemola, and Janitor fights Almost made up for it.
11/13/10 7:35:27PM
I went 8 and 2, pretty solid event for me, bet £10 on the 6 prelim fights and got them all right and won £260, pretty happy with that.
11/13/10 11:11:14PM
The Bonus Of The Night winners, each gets $60K:
Fight-Krauss vs. Scanlon
11/13/10 11:21:56PM
I was going to say FOTN Nick/Ludwig after round 1 but then I changed my mind after rounds 2 and 3.
11/14/10 12:06:32AM
I think I finished 8-2 with 68 points? Or something close to that, anyways. My best event in a while, as pathetic as that sounds.
11/14/10 12:26:39AM
War Okami!

He would have a hard time vs Anderson....but IMO, would crush Vitor.
11/14/10 1:12:45AM
9-1. McCray was my only defeat. I didn't do so hot on the points, though. Didn't tally it up yet, but it's not too high.
11/14/10 1:14:08AM
Anyone thinks the judging was off once again. Idk if Krzy won all 3 rounds vs Goran, thought he lost the first and the second was close. Even if I did have Krzy UD but still...
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