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10/17/10 8:24:04PM
wow already predicting another fight card yet again
overall i thought ufc 120 was alright see with tape delay they spared us with a 15 min snoozefest between claude patrick and wilks and added sassangle and the snake vs alexander

121 excellent card!!!!!!!!!! please stay that way for a few more days!!!!!!!!!!!!
i would have never guessed back in aug that the damm card pretty much was injury free!!! and given my 5th ufc event this year last 4 i had one fight scratched off each card sucked!!


fight of the night

will go with diego sanchez vs paulo thiago
diego back with jacksons camp and with a dreaded 2 fight loss streak he needs to go out and win convincingly , another lost wont mean being cut but back to 155 you go. i never did jump on the thiago bandwagon, wont start now

ko of night

i will go with cote!!!cote!!cote!!! i think he will knock lawler out of the ufc


i will go with gonzaga wont ko schaub but i do think he will get him with a kimura or something of the sort


if any dont count jensen out yet!!! or kammpman


gotta go with guymon vs roberts their bjj will neutralize eachother will be stand up grapplefest alot of dry humping will go 3 rounds
10/17/10 10:38:40PM
FOTN: Hamill vs Ortiz
SOTN: McGee, only sub I have on the card
KOTN: Schaub
Upset alert: Taylor over Stout, not picking it but it's on my radar.
10/17/10 11:52:31PM
FOTN: Lawlor over Cote
KOTN: Brock over Cain
SOTN: Court over Jansen
UOTN: Thiago over Diego
10/21/10 2:16:36PM
FOTN - Cain Velasquez v. Brock Lesnar, +1 other fight winning it as well.
SOTN - Court Mcgee over Jensen
KOTN - Cote over Lawlor
10/22/10 5:16:12PM
FOTN: Thiago/Sanchez
SOFN: McGee over Jensen
KOTN: Shaub over Gonzaga
10/23/10 1:58:06PM
KOTN - Cote over Lawlor
FOTN - Stout/Taylor Always go with Stout for FOTN
SOTN - Gonzaga over Shaub

Gonna be an amazing card
10/23/10 3:38:42PM
SOTN: Paulo Thiago over Diego Sanchez
FOTN: dongi yang over Chris Camozzi
KOTN: Gilbert Yvel over Jon Madsen
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