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10/24/10 9:25:06AM
WIth UFC 121 now in the books, it's time for the always-hot topic of what happens to last night's losers and our opinions on if they're Safe, Gone, or Push. In honor of Cain Velasquez's huge win last nght, Ya Se Armo:
Brock Lesnar-Safe. Obviously the big question is "what now?" Not so much who he fights next, but IF he fights next. Without the title will he use losing it as a reason to step out the door? No matter what, the decision on his future is strictly his, not Dana & Joe's.
Martin Kampmann-Safe. He might now be a gatekeeper in the Welterweight division. In the last 13 months or so he's had 2 real chances to earn a title shot and both times he's failed. With Dana saying Jake Shields is next in line for the GSP-Kos winner and Jon Fitch wanting to fight again before his shot (and considering best-case if he waits for his shot could be 15-18 months on the bench), I could see Fitch-Kampmann next.
Paulo Thiago-Gone. Admittedly I lean a little more towards Push, but hs'e now on the Losing Streak Of Doom and since he TKO'd Kos in his debut only 1 of his 5 fights since has not been a decision either way. And considering one judge last night scored it 30-26 against him, that's another strike against him. Very tough call either way. He's now 3-3 in UFC.
Tito Ortiz-Gone. He might say otherwise, but as a famous sports personality once said, The Numbers Never Lie. He has not won in over 4 years, including the Draw against Rashad. Dana may always be looking for an out to get rid of him again-this is it. And I don't see anyone else being able to afford his services...I doubt he'll want to go to Japan either. This is the end.
Gabriel Gonzaga-Gone. Now on a 1-3 skid and is only 3-5 since The Kick Felt 'Round The World. Amazingly, it's the first time ever he's gone to a decision. In UFC, it should be the last.
Ryan Jensen-Gone. Alternating wins & losses right now, putting him at 2-3 in this UFC stint, but only 2-5 overall.
Patrick Cote-Gone. That's 3 in a row including Silva. He's now 4-7 in UFC career. Now if he were like Chris Lytle and getting FOTN every time I'd say Push, but he's not.
Mike Guymon-Gone. 1-2 now in UFC and he's been finished and hasn't finished yet (his win was a decision, been submitted twice).
Paul Taylor-Push. I'd normally say Gone because of the Losing Streak Of Doom and his only being 3-5 in UFC, but I have a feeling he gets one more chance, and it'll be the next time UFC goes to Europe.
Dong Yi Yang-Push. Tough way to lose hin his debut, but he got a decent amount of hype. Likely gets another fight.
Gilbert Yvel-Gone. 0-3 since return to UFC. TKO'd twice. He's the one hearing "Rock You Like A Hurricane", not other way around. Back to overseas.

What say you?
10/24/10 10:54:28AM
Tito's gone fo sho...that's all I care about.
10/24/10 11:30:37AM
I think Guymon and Jensen are more push because they had a win before last nights loss.

But idk if this big names will survive, gonzaga, cote, ortiz
10/24/10 1:33:03PM
Cote, Ortiz, Gonzaga are probably done but I dont see them cutting Paulo Thiago or Paul Taylor
10/24/10 1:37:05PM
Im thinking Taylor and Cote might be on the bubble, do they throw out the silva loss b/c of injury and then with taylor he has lost 2 straight but that first one was at 170 and then lost by SD at first 155 fight.
10/24/10 2:04:42PM
Brock - Stays....still a huge draw, good fighter, and outstanding athlete
Kampmann - Stays....but regardless of skillset is just a WW Gatekeeper (I love that role anyways!)
Thiago - Stays...but on the bubble, he has exciting fights for sure but is on that losing streak and isn't a big draw (he needs a big win or he is out IMO)
Ortiz- Leaves....the reasons are beyond obvious, he just doesn't compete at this level anymore
Gonzaga - Stays....reason being is that he can still put on a fight against any low ranking fighters in the division, no reason to thin the HW roster yet
Jensen - Leaves....never competed at this level
Cote - Leaves....but with a couple of wins in the little leagues he could be back (like Jardine and Irivin) because of the UFC's International interests
Guymon - Leaves....same as Jensen, he just isn't at this level
Taylor - Stays....they have a good and exciting fighter from a thin European herd, think UFC International
Yang - Stays....for one it was his first UFC fight, for two see Taylor and think of the other recent finds by Zuffa of Korean fighters (Zombie)
Yvel - Leaves.....his problems with the ground game are so large that he can't compete at this level, back to Japan should be his only option now
10/24/10 3:22:25PM
Looks at thiago he has been thrown to the dogs like more than anyone i can remember.

Kos, Fitch, Swick, Volkman(exception),Kampmann, Sanchez. Most guys have fought for the title or top contenders. I would throw him a bone and keep him for another fight just because he went from unknown to facing the top guys.
10/24/10 3:23:08PM
Do you honestly believe that Brock may not fight again? He seemed pretty motivated already in his post fight interview. "Do you go back to the drawing board?" "That's what champions do."

Everyone else I can agree with.
10/24/10 5:18:48PM
only guys gone are yvel and tito for sure

guymon and jensen very likely
hell maybe taylor

cote is safe so is thiago

10/24/10 7:03:07PM
I think Thiago will stick around if for no other reason than they don't want to give the guy who knocked out Kos to Strikeforce. Look who Thiago has lost to... Fitch, Sanchez, and Kampann. He has wins over number one contender and most hated Kos, Swick, and Volkmann. I bet they give him another shot, possibly against Pyle. He has had the hardest road of any new fighter I have ever seen.

Kampmann will get another tough fight. He needs to start putting it together if he wants to stay in the championship picture.

Lesnar is golden now. While the loss might have made Dana look like his dog died, at least now they have total control of the matchmaking. They can rack up some wins, hope that Cain loses the title, and Lesnar has another chance at the title some day. I expect he will get some fights that are long on name and short on challenge like Cro Cop, Nog, Mir 3, Gonzaga, Kongo, Struve.

Gonzaga might be gone, but I wouldn't be surprised if he stays just to keep a HW out of Strikeforce. He is the ultimate gatekeeper now. . . he can separate the wheat from the chafe in the middle range with guys like Schaub getting through and others like Tuscherer and McCully getting stopped. He is also good for a rebound fight against the top level guys. He'll either send 'em spiraling towards retirement like Mirko or make em look spectacular like he has against Randy, Werdum, Carwin, and JDS. If they want to use him as a jobber, look for him to fight Lesnar. If they want him as a gatekeeper, Jon Madsen would be interesting.

Yang will likely stay because UFC wants as much Korean talent as they can get their hands on.

Tito is gone, not worth the money anymore after that loss.

Cote is gone. . . but he will be back.

Jensen. . . probably gone, although he has looked better as of late. He will be back the next time they go to the midwest.

Yvel is so gone.

Taylor is safe, but just because he is british and has a pretty strong fanbase.
10/24/10 10:23:05PM
Dana's already said that Lesnar is still perhaps their top star and a big draw, I still believe it strictly is up to Brock and whether or not his heart and mind will still be in it now that he isn't the top dog anymore. And if he does fight again in UFC, who's next? For some odd reason (after factoring in who's where in the division and upcoming fights) the first guy that comes to mind is Roy Nelson.
10/27/10 7:21:19PM

Patrick Cote-Gone. That's 3 in a row including Silva. He's now 4-7 in UFC career. Now if he were like Chris Lytle and getting FOTN every time I'd say Push, but he's not.

Boom shakalaka. He gone. He confirmed his release today.

Edit: Gonzaga's gone too.
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