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9/20/10 10:24:32AM
Another pay per view is upon us
And on paper this maybe one of the worst so far this year
Then again fights are fights,
Last week killed me. Lost more fights than I ever have before
Then again I did have a reason for it

Fight of. The night

I am gonna go with guillard vs stephens. I think this won't hit the ground
And they will both trade punches trying to knock the others head off

Sub of the night

Gotta go with frank mir. I don't think it will be quick but mir will
Eventually get the job done


I will say meathead will land a shot that will knock joey out


If any. Don't count lil sherk out just yet
9/20/10 10:29:57AM
This card is going to be so good, despite the lack of "big fights."

FOTN: Guillard vs. Stephens
KOTN: Mark Hunt over McCorkle
SOTN: TJ Grant over Paulino
9/20/10 10:42:28AM
FOTN: Lytle vs. Serra
KOTN: Lil Nog over Bader
SOTN: Doerkson over Dolloway
UPSET: Dunham over Sherk (if you want to call it an upset, anyways...I wouldn't.)
9/20/10 10:46:59AM
FOTN: Lytle vs Serra
SOTN: CB over Doerkson
KOTN: Guillard over Stephens
Upset of the night (even though I wouldn't consider it to be) I reckon will be Mark Hunt succumbing to McCorkle.
9/20/10 10:50:08AM
FOTN: Guillard vs. Stephens
SOTN: Doerkson over CB and Mir over Cro Cop
KOTN: Guillard over Stephens

9/20/10 2:12:50PM
FOTN: Two of em, Lytle/Serra & guillard/stephens
SOTN: Tj Grant or Meathead
Upset: The muscle shrek, yes shrek
9/20/10 4:24:39PM
FOTN: Lytle vs Serra
KOTN: Hunt over McCorkle
SOTN: Mir over Cro Cop
UOTN: Doerkson over Dolloway
9/21/10 1:02:51PM
SOTN- El Dirte
KOTN- Lil Nog
FOTN- Serra/Lytle or Dunham/Sherk
9/23/10 9:13:25PM
FOTN: Guillard/Stephens
KOTN: Cro Cop
SOTN: Doerkson

upset: Doerkson (or Awesomely Awesome)
9/24/10 1:54:46PM
Prozacnation you legend love these things

FOTN: Lytle Serra
i think Guillard Stevens is set to be the matchups i dislike, 2 guys without KO power slugging it out, i'd rather see Jon Fitch fight because at least i know what to expect, rather than getting my hopes up for a KO

KOTN: Ryan Bader

SOTN: Joe Doerkson

UOTN: I like how some people have put Sherk winning as an upset and others have put Dunham winning as an upset........ Whoever wins people will be upset hahaha

Im gunna say the fight will be an upset
9/25/10 5:17:31AM
Fight of the Night

Jeremy's extremely powerful aggressive never back down craziness vs Melvin's explosive atheltic heavy heavy fists? Delicious!

Sub of the night

Thiago Tavares vs Awesome if Thiago is still capable of what he use to be able to do.

KO of the night

Meathead vs Joey, these big boys are going to swing until somebody drops. Love it!

No upsets really on this card I think are even capable because they all have questions to be answered or are eventually matched. Cro Cop, Lil Nog, and Sherk I think have a great shot to win but its a matter of what they still have left.
9/25/10 7:46:53AM
I think this is a great fight and one I am extremely excited for. On one hand I think I would cry if co cop somehow landed his trademark left high kick in the ufc and i witnessed it. Sadly That will not happen, Mir is to smart and coming off the carwin fight I dont expect him to stand with a better striker in cro cop. Mir will play this fight fierce and smart.
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9/25/10 9:48:57AM
FOTN: Lytle over Serra
KOTN: Hunt over McCorkle
SOTN: Mir over Cro Cop
UOTN: Doerkson over Dolloway
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